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Geeking out this terminal with social media

I was at Geek Terminal this afternoon waiting for a meeting to start and I decided to do a quick video with Danny Pang, barista and co-founder of Geek Terminal.

I asked Danny why he used social media to promote Geek Terminal and how he used it.

His answers are in the video.

Geek Terminal has appointed Andrew Peters as their social media manager.

Geek Terminal’s facebook group can be found here and their website is at


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Singapore radio personality in "hot soup" for reporting train delays based on Tweets?

Update - Hossan Leong has commented on this post to say "I'm not in trouble pls don't blow this out of proportion. Let it rest. It's getting silly. Thank you for your love and concern and I apologize for any misunderstanding." ~ Hossan Leong.

Hossan Leong, a Singapore radio personality for The Gold Breakfast Show on Gold 90.5, was censured today for reporting on train delays on the Circle Line because he based the information on Tweets, rather than waiting for the official reports from the Circle Line operator, SMRT. 

It is, however, unknown if the "warning" came from Mediacorp producers or SMRT.

Tweeted Hossan Leong
OK...I reported it on air and now I'm getting into trouble for it?? The CC line is DOWN rite? I did nothing wrong rite?The SMRT Circle Line was reported to be down this morning during peak hours and started as early as 7am. However, local news only received official statement was received by the mainstream media at about 9am. It seem like…

Almost all of Singapore Press Holdings' dailies see fall in circulation figures

Singapore Press Holdings has released its 2012 annual report and almost of it dailies are experiencing significant falls in circulation figures.

Berita Harihan, which saw growth in August 2011, experienced the biggest drop in circulation figures by 9.0% in August 2012.

LianHe ZaoBao, Tamil Murasu and The Business Times, which also saw growth last year, contracted in 2012.

For the first time in its report, Singapore Press Holdings have combined the circulation figures of The Straits Times and The Sunday Times.

If one were to take the average circulation between The Straits Times and The Sunday Times in August 2011 (370,100), the circulation for both papers would have fallen by 4.86% in August 2012.

You can read the report here.

Aug-07Aug-08Aug-09Aug-10Aug-11Aug-12Aug 2011 - Aug 2012Berita Harihan61,80062,00060,90058,90059,20053,900-9.0%LianHe WanBao122,400107,200101,90095,50094,10090,200-4.1%LianHe ZaoBao174,500176,000174,500172,100173,000168,700-2.5%Shin Min Daily116,600139,600136,50…

Did She Run Or Did She "Just Fake It" For Adidas?

Andrea Chong, a Adidas appointed influencer, posted a photo of herself in the middle of the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2015 and captioned how she was "all smiles" during the run.

Unfortunately for Andrea or the PR agency, one of her readers checked her bib number #75148  at the Marathon's website only to find it to belonging to somebody else.

That somebody else is Kuvin Kuar, a intern at Edelman PR and the bib number had a status "DNF" or did not finished.

This raised the first red flag as one of the rules stated that "A Participants is strictly not allowed to transfer his or her race entry to another party".

This cascaded into perceptions that Andrea herself did not even start or complete the race and was only "planted" by Adidas or the PR agency, Edelman PR, to look pretty in the marathon.

Marketing Magazine noted that Adidas declined to comment about the incident which lead to further speculation that Andrea was possibly just …