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Showing posts from September, 2015

New Notes On Facebook

Have you seen the new Notes on Facebook?

Notes was part of Facebook to provide for longer updates, however, the old Facebook Notes was kind of boring and stale.

The new Facebook Notes now allows you to add a cover photo, similar to Medium,  and even allows you to select Bold, Italics, Mono, and even add links just be simply highlighting the words and the option appears above the words.

In comparison, the old Facebook Notes required you to know a little html that you have to enter before and after the text.

So far, the new Facebook Notes only allows you to add photos, but hopefully, it could allow adding of videos and even let users put HTML for more advance users.

Maybe Facebook should even allow users to add advertising in the post and earn from it, something similar to Google’s Adsense program.

The new Facebook Notes will give the various online blogging publishers, eg Medium, Blogger, a run for the money. Google’s Blogger seem to have lag behind the blogging publishers as I have y…

Google.Com.Sg Goes Voting

Looks like has gone voting.

I wonder who did L vote for?