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Chope And You're It

Chope seats, swear words and a deliberate hard shove from behind. Nope, it isn't a script for a movie, but a video recording that went viral over social media over the weekend.

The video showed a lady arguing with a senior citizen over choped, or reserved seats, at a local kopitiam, or known as coffee shop. The incident was compounded when the lady's male companion made a deliberate hard shove against the old man from behind. it was later reported that the guy pushed the plates to the ground in a fit of anger.

As the video continued its viral non-viscosity, many commenters were looking to the Internet to CSI the identity of the couple - to “make them famous”.

One alleged that it was a lady from a local bank and shared her photo. Some online sites picked it immediately and it was quickly shared online. However, the alleged lady responded to say she was overseas and could not have been part of the video.

Singapore Police Force investigated the issue and the latest update th…

A Very Small Chicken Or An Oversized Popcorn Chicken?

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Singapore Facebook Page recently received a complaint of the size of the chicken being served at KFC.

Barnabas Ng took a photo of his chicken from KFC which showed it to be almost the size of the KFC small container. It also looked like a an oversize popcorn chicken.

Wrote Barnabas,

"Hi KFC, is this your new standard size for a chicken? I order 3 piece meal and 2 pieces including this so called original recipe chicken is smaller than the size of the cap of ur small mash potato.

Have you guys try to cut cost so much that you are offering half a size chicken pieces for a full price meal? It is just getting from bad to worse"

KFC Singapore did reply to Barnabas for him to PM his mobile number but Barnabas has yet to receive any calls from KFC Singapore, as of this posting.

Maybe chickens are also shrinking with the current climate change?

Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong Facebook Page Most Popular Post - An analysis

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong celebrated his 5 years anniversary on Facebook having joined this social media outlet on 21 April 2012.

The Strait Times only reported that Prime Minister Lee has "amassed 1.1 million followers", but left out some important details that any social media manager would report on.

There are many free online apps that will help you analyse your page and below are a snapshot of Prime Minister Lee performance on Facebook Page.

LikeAlyzer, from Meltwater, gives Prime Minister Lee's Facebook Page a score of 77 out of 100.

In comparison, fellow Singapore Government Public Figures like Ng Eng Heng and Grace Fu has higher LikeRank than Prime  Minister Lee Hsien Leong.

Chee Soon Juan, an opposition party member in Singapore, ironically, is the highest ranking LikeRank politician with a score of 82.

LikeAlyzer also analysed that Prime Minister Lee's posts mainly make up of photos (79.2%) and followers react most to his photos. 
Followers, i…

Youth.SG 4Fingers Video Raises Question F&B Hygiene Practises

It was a video to showcase to the youths on how it is like to work at one of Singapore's top fast food outlet, but the host's untied hair has led questions to F&B hygiene practises at the outlet.

From the video above, the host has very long hair and F&B hygiene practises is to keep the long hai buned up or in a net. But this was neither practiced from the video.

Though the host wore a cap to hold the hair in place, leaving the long hair freely like that is still a no-no for F&B hygiene reasons.

Most commenters were immediately drawn to the host's untied hair and reminded 4Fingers of the F&B hygiene practises ad even asking the host to attend NEA F&B Hygiene course.

SCB Malaysia To School Media On How To Write A Great FinTech Story Gets Schooled By Media

The PR department of Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia may have thought of a great event to bring FinTech closer to the Malaysia media, but a single line in its email promo has found to be described as patronising it audience it looks to invite. 
Malaysia media has taken to social media to point out asking why is this PR department looking to train media on how to write a great FinTech story as part of the goals of attending this bridging workshop.
Is the PR indicating that while the Malaysia media has been writing FinTech stories, it still have not achieved the level of greatness that of Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia standards? 
"A media workshop on how to write fintech stories: From a banks point of view I wonder what's their idea of a great story??" wrote one journalist in the media group. 
Another journalist sarcastically pointed out if "the hired trainer to teach us how to cross our t's and dot our i's, or someone to hone our BS detectors, so we know…