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PR take note – You can’t reimburse SG journos’ entry into SG casinos

If you or your client are thinking of bringing journalists carrying Singapore passports into one of the Singapore casinos and reimbursing their entry fee. think twice as it is against the law. Resorts World Singapore was recently fined SGD200,000 “for reimbursing the SG$100 casino entry fee to a group of Singapore journalists who attended the opening of a women-only section”. Law is law, in Singapore that is!

Rigatoni Pasta @ the CIA – Culinary Institute of America

Not the one at NYC, but the CIA – Culinary Institute of America, Singapore at the Temasek Polytechnic. The students at the CIA were given the assignment to learn the techniques of making breakfast and casual lunch.
It was an interesting experience to see these would-be chef students preparing the meal in front of you as you choose your dish.
Preparing the Rigatoni PastaServing it piping hot..Putting the final touches..  Presenting the Rigatoni Pasta with Shitake Mushrooms,
Italian Sausage and Tomato Cream Sauce
The tomato cream source has an Asian twist to it with a spicy tinge that taste almost like curry sauce being used. It went well with the non bread pita.

“Marketing Warfare” lessons from Singapore General Elections 2011 – The Results

In my earlier post, I highlighted that the strategy employed by The Workers’ Party was to find their opponent’s weakness in the strength. The Workers’ Party win at Aljunied GRC validates the strategy.Ries and Trout, authors wroteThe challenger should seek a weakness in the leader's strength and attack on as narrow a front as possible.The Workers’ Party win at Aljunied GRC highlights that the weakness in the PAP strength could actually be the GRC system itself. One GRC lost and the PAP lost three ministers in an election. Come GE2016, Workers’ Party have to play defense to maintain its hold in Aljunied GRC which is a different strategy altogether. The Workers’ Party in Aljunied have to make sure that they deliver their promises made in this campaign and ensure that Aljunied GRC improves.This Workers’ Party team have to show that as leaders, they have the humility to attack within so as to improve Aljunied GRC. An attacking within was a strategy that PAP took towards the end of thei…

Why the NCMP role is important for GE2016

Some of the opposition have highlighted that the role of Non-Constituency Members of Parliament or NCMP is that of a second class MP without any voting rights. The three best losers who will be invited to take on the role as NCMP will be SPP’s Lina Chiam for Potang Pasir, WP’s Yee Jenn Jong for Joo Chiat and one WP’s representative from East Coast GRC team. I am not very sure of how the NCMP scheme work, so I am making some assumptions. Though SPP’s Lina Chiam might be given the role for NCMP, I hope she rejects it to give it the forth best losing party which will be the NSP team for Marine Parade. I am not sure if the NCMP scheme works this way. But if it does, I would NSP to nominate Nicole Seah as their choice of NCMP. Nicole’s presence in parliament would ignite interest of politics among the younger generation. Wouldn’t this make for a interesting run up to GE2016?So for WP, I hope Yee Jenn Jong takes up the role and represent the entrepreneurs and SMBs of Singapore as promised i…

Your Vote Is Secret

Go spread the word...

Details at Maruah's site here:

Workers’ Party rocks East Coast GRC!

The last Workers’ Party rally I went was five years at the Serangoon Stadium, the Workers’ Party were also running for elections for East Coast GRC but I don’t remember a rally at Bedok Stadium then. The Workers’ Party came to Bedok Stadium this year round and a day before PAP’s. This was due to the early queuing by the Workers’ Party for rally sites. What struck me at the rally in Bedok Stadium was that I saw more young working adults at the Workers’ Party rally cheering for the speakers. In comparison, the last rally in Serangoon Stadium felt more like it was attended by Workers’ Party diehards. Attending the Workers’ Party rally at Bedok Stadium reminded me of the days at National Stadium to watch the Malaysia Cup matches. Sometimes, it was the remarks shouted by the audience that made the highlights of the boring draw. So rather then post the official speeches, I would rather put down the reaction of the crowd. “Why does the Govt only give you money one week before the elections?”…