My #giveit100 Challenges

I was inspired by the girl below to take up my own #giveit100 day challenge with both push-ups and a running routine that focuses on intensity rather than distance.

A 100 day challenge seems last daunting than a new year resolution. I don't know why but just renaming it a 100 day challenge seems something achievable than aiming to do it for a year.

Giveit100 Challenge 1 - 100 Days Of Push-ups

I found that the best time to do push-ups is before bedtime.

You are all ready for bed and your mind is quite relax. So why not do some push-ups before you sleep?

I started the push-ups routine on 2 Jan 2017 and I been doing it nightly for the past 10 days already. It began with 10 reps. On the 9th day, I was able to do 20.

Somehow the push-ups gradually encouraged me to do some sit-ups and leg raises before hitting the hay.

Guess when you completed the push-ups, your mind just tell you "Hey, why not some simple sit-ups and leg raises?" No harm adding another simple routine before bedtime as it will add just a few minutes to the total routine.

Giveit100 Challenge 2 - 100 Days Of Running

In 2016, I made a mistake of aim for distance rather than packing a faster run in less time. After awhile, long distance running to me became monotonous and time consuming. My record was a 10 km run. The run was about 90 mins plus but the time to get back made it a total of 3 hours.

Somehow, I lost interest and my weight and tummy came back in no time. I am one of those unfortunate many who can lose and gain weight very fast.

Now I have decided to do shorter but faster runs. I am currently looking to do 2km runs and gradually increasing it to 2.5km. At the same time, reducing the time taken to complete each round.

I have to admit I haven't been able to do it daily since 2nd January 2017, but I have been telling myself I need to complete 100 days. So it has been 5 days of running so far and I am feeling better than in 2016 already.

Giveit100 Challenge 3 - 100 Articles on Linkedin

I am also aiming to complete 100 articles on this social network and I do need to get my writing groove back.

Push-ups and running are for improving one physical health while writing articles help with the mental stimulation.

With this post, I should be at my fourth article for the year. So that means 96 to go. A countdown like this also makes the giveit100 challenge a gaming component to this mental exercise. One article written means the number goes down by one and it shows I am ever closer to zero.

There are 52 Mondays in 2017. We just had one Monday off for the New Year.

Look at the Public Holidays in 2017 for Singapore below and guess how many more Mondays do you need to work?

New Year’s Day 1 Jan 2017* Sunday

Chinese New Year 28 Jan 2017 Saturday 29 Jan 2017* Sunday

Good Friday 14 Apr 2017 Friday

Labour Day 1 May 2017 Monday

Vesak Day 10 May 2017 Wednesday

Hari Raya Puasa 25 Jun 2017* Sunday

National Day 9 Aug 2017 Wednesday

Hari Raya Haji 1 Sep 2017 Friday

Deepavali 18 Oct 2017 Wednesday

Christmas Day 25 Dec 2017 Monday

For Public Holidays on a Sunday, you will have a official day off on the following Monday. This takes away 4 Mondays which will leave you with 48 Mondays for 2017.

Assuming for holidays on Friday, you take leave on the following Monday and for holidays on Wednesday, you take leave on the Monday prior to the holiday, that is a total 5 Mondays to take away from. This leave you with 43 Mondays in 2017.

Say you have a bad habit of falling sick on a working Monday and you get medical leave for one Monday a month. This takes away 12 Mondays and you are left with 31 Mondays for 2017, almost a month of Mondays to endure.

Are you enduring Mondays because you just hate the day or you hate the job you have to go to on Monday?

You could leave your job for one that you are passionate with. If this isn't an option, maybe you could look at taking the first step to make Monday the best day of the week.

Make Monday your cheat day. Have a great breakfast or a great lunch.

Go plan to hit the gym before work, after work or during lunch hour.

Or you could look at Mondays with an objective to catch up with colleagues on the work to be done.

Given that I am mostly out of the week to make partners and customers, I see Mondays as the best day of the week for me to catch up with my colleagues, especially those in the IT department. Best day ever to let them know the challenges I face in the product or solution, or it would be best day for me to learn what improvements or fixes they have made to the product.

Don't let the Mondays pull you down and make it your best day ever.

I had a friend who recently took on a post as the PR manager for a company. One of his task was to revamp the website. He wasn't a web designer or knew anything about it, and, unfortunately, had to work with the agency that was previously hired by the ex-PR manager.
The problems started when the agency couldn't deliver some of the basic stuff on time. Faced with a tight deadline, he asked me if I could give him a crash course on Wordpress and help out with some Wordpress design for him over the weekend. He was generous with the offer.
I had no issue with helping him. During the weekend, I got this technophobic PR friend to get his hands dirty with Wordpress and learning to drag and drop the menus, change some text, By the end of the weekend, he was able to differentiate between a Page and a Post and a Theme.
However, he still had one problem. When he printed the website (yes, the boss was still old school and wanted to see printed versions of the website), the URLs would be printed next to the hyperlinked word or words.
He asked the agency for help and the agency said this will take 30 days man days to solve the issue, probably wanting to take advantage of my PR friend's "ignorance" to charge more hours for work to be done.
My PR friend showed me the issue and I instinctively guessed it could be some coding issue with the theme, even though I don't do Wordpress coding.
Give me a Wordpress theme and plugins and I could be learnt how to use it in less than an hour. Coding is like a foreign language to me.
Back to the problem of the URL being printed out. As they say, Google has all the answers (and your history), I did a quick Google search and found that there were others who also had the same issue with the themes.
In the developers blog, the simple solution was to remove a line or two of code to solve the issue. I emailed the solution to my PR friend and he forwarded it to the agency.

Viola! The issue was solved in less than an hour.

What pissed me off was how the agency tried to take advantage of my friend's ignorance to charge him extra. I don't think this is ethical. If you have a solution at hand and simple to solve, by all means, charge an hour or two, but for a month charge is ridiculous.

This is now how you build a relationship with your customers and that relationship could sour instantly if the customer finds out the truth.

Social Media Agencies also find me a pain to work with because I understand how it works and I detest some of the trickery to get quick results.

If you are in marketing or an entrepreneur who is looking at social and digital marketing, I suggest you do in depth study about it. Or maybe, get your hands dirty and try the tools out yourself.

 My experience as a salesperson for the second year has shown to me that most deals are closed, not because of the gift of the gab, but because I am often willing to open a relationship with the customers.

Though my first year was bad, my second year saw some significant increase in sales numbers. It is in this second year of sales that I built several relationships with channel partners and a few VIP customers to close the deal.

That has worked to my strengths. I love meeting people, new and already met, and show that I am willing to do my best to help them solve their problems. Sometimes, it is required to ask questions in order to find out their problem. Once you are able to help customers identify the problem, the selling process can start.

Once you open the relationship, like in any relationship, you need to honest and frank with the customers. Even when there is some bugs found in the software, honesty is usually the best policy with customers.

After you make the deal, it is often very easy to forget the relationship. The easiest way to remember the relationship could be to send a festive greeting. If you have a quarterly healthcheck, it would be great to also follow your post sales team to meet up with the customer. Like the locals say, this is to "show face" and showing face is like a form of advertising to your customers.

As what they say in advertising, once you stop advertising, your customer is most likely to forget who you are.

So make that call or send a quick message to say "hi" to your customer to remind of that your relationship you opened with them.

LikeClosing A Sale Is About Opening A Relationship

Singapore Press Holding (SPH) released their 2016 Annual Report and their daily average circulation for their print newspaper continue to nosedive southwards. Digital subscription has gone up significantly but pales in comparison with total Singapore Internet Users.

Straits Times/Sunday Times277,100304,300-8.94%
Business Times28,10029,200-3.77%
Berita Harian / Berita Minggu37,70044,600-15.47%
New Paper61,70070,200-12.11%
Lianhe Zabao143,000148,600-3.77%
Lianhe Wanbao70,80082,500-14.18%
Shin Min Daily100,100120,200-16.72%

At a high of 389,300 in 2008, the daily average print circulation for the Straits Times / Sunday Times has dropped to 277,100 in 2016.

300,000 has always been the magic number for The Straits Times, especially in getting advertising dollars. With an estimated pass on rate of 3, most ad sales folks will share that the readership is close to 1 million a day.

At 277,100, a pass on rate of 3 will give it 831,00 readers a day which is getting further away from the 1 million readership target.

In his quote to announce the merging of My Paper and The New Paper, Mr Warren Fernandez, Editor-in-Chief of English/Malay/Tamil Media group, also highlighted the magical 300,000 readers, which the merger of the two papers will bring about.

Said Mr Warren Fernandez,

"Merging TNP with My Paper, making it free and increasing its circulation to up to 300,000 copies, is a bold decision to serve our readers with a strong product and with revamped content."

Digital for SPH has improved significantly from 2015, but once you take in the number of Singapore Internet users, the reach for digital still has lot of space to grow and readers to capture.

DigitalSingapore Internet Users20162015YtoY2016 vs SG Internet Users
Straits Times/Sunday Times4,699,204116,20074,10056.82%2.47%
Business Times4,699,2048,8007,20022.22%0.19%
Berita Harian / Berita Minggu4,699,2041,6001,00060.00%0.03%
New Paper4,699,20451,60039,80029.65%1.10%
Lianhe Zabao4,699,20445,60014,100223.40%0.97%
Lianhe Wanbao4,699,20431,2007,700305.19%0.66%
Shin Min Daily4,699,2042000200.00%0.0043%

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