300,000 personal details were leaked to the public in Singapore when a hacker group release K-Box membership details the they hack.

In the release data, anybody could obtain the name, address, IC number, mobile number and even their date of birth. 

First level of scary is that these details are  often the first questions any credit card or bank operator will ask when a call is made to their hotline. 

There are still some security questions that the operator might ask, but those usually are yes/no questions that one can easily answer to get the right permutations.

Some websites also use the data above and this could lead to other serious form of identity theft.

The next level of scary is that a simple search of the names on Facebook or Google could easily result in portrait photos that could be easily put face to name. 

A potential stalker can now visit the address, identify the victim around the area and do much harm, not just to the victim but their close family too. 

After the investigation, the Personal Data Protection Committee needs to put tough penalties on K-Box for even allowing this to happen.

Channel NewsAsia wrote about a M1 Facebook Fan who have highlighted a bug in the iPhone 6 registration website.

It was reported that the person who found the bug was able to access forms of previous submission and is able to get these users phone number, IC number and even home address.

However, what is interesting is that it seems M1 took about 18 hours to respond the comment.

Image from Channel NewsAsia.

18 hours is a very long time to react to a security bug like this as any data would have be "hacked" in minutes.

Probably M1 Social Media do not work on weekends so this was given a missed.

One of the issues here is that when a security bug is found by a user, the user had to go through the long process of submitting the screenshot at M1 Feedback Site. In cases like this, a direct message would have been better to expedite the issue.

Oh wait.. M1 disabled the Messaging function on their Page.

Sales is a number game and also about finding out what you customer want or need.

If your customer had a want that leads to a home run, should you keep trying to hit it until you are strike out of the deal?

Or should you aim to meet the need - a smaller sales number but a guaranteed hit to first base?

I would go for the latter. Meeting a need is much more easier to convince to meet a want. 

Plus it helps you get one foot in the door for later upsell that could help you achive a run.

This Mars be a world first.

Post by SGAG.

Is this the Singapore spaceport that was announced earlier?

If the Sun was installed on the Yishun Flat, will the children or HDB resale value there be brighter?

Most important question that HDB has to answer - Is Pluto a planet?

Thanks to AirAsiaSingapore Facebook Page contest, I won a pair of tickets to witness the first football match at the new National Stadium. The biggest satisfaction was to do the Kallang Wave again, after so many years, and it was even better as I waved with son for the first time.

The last I did the Kallang Wave was probably during the Malaysia Cup days were the grand old dame saw many glorious goals. Who can forget Sundaram bicycle kick vs Brunei? Then, the stands were slightly further from the field because of the track.

The new stands at the new National Stadium can be moved so that when it comes to football matches, you can get a closer view to the pitch.

Unfortunately, the pitch looked rather patchy, especially from the brown spots. More work has to be done for the pitch to provide more quality football entertainment.

The match, in general, was as predicted to be one sided with Juventus scoring the first goal with a cheeky free kick. The Singapore defensive wall, assumed that it would be high curler from outside the penalty box, jumped when the ball was kicked, but instead it was a low drive to the bottom left of the goal. Singapore's goalkeeper was also expecting a high curler.

The next goal came from a penalty. 

The second half was more exciting than the first, presumably Juventus were now used to the pitch and the temperature and up the tempo in the game. 

The game needed the Singapore Selection to score a goal and most in the audience were quite supportive when the Singapore team made an attempt to attack the goal.

The return of the Kallang Wave was indeed the highlight of the match. Hopefully we get to see more Singapore games with results to make the return of the Kallang Wave a more permanent feature.

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