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Channel NewsAsia writes F1 extension is supported by man and woman of Singapore

Eagle-eyed Singapore netizens spotted that exactly two men and a woman in Singapore supported the extension of F1 Grand Prix on the island country.

This error highlights what most Netizens known all along that quotes to support Government initiatives are usually made up by the local media to make the issue at hand look good.
Just like the public who congratulated the emperor on his new clothes.  

Malaysia's double vision for 2012

There was an uproar when Prince William and his wife visited Queentown Singapore where photos showed that the citizens enjoying themselves at the park were all staged, in local slang "wayang".

To see the photos, click on to mrbrown's blog here. The local MPs admitted that it was indeed "staged" and was meant to be an exhibition.

Not to be outdone, a photo from Malaysia's news agency, Bernama, was also found to have "added' people to a photo to show that a visit by the country's Prime Minister was filled to the brim with supporters.

Readers thought they were suffering from double vision.
Bernama has since admitted that the photo was doctored and is currently investigating the incident. 
A photoblogger who was quick to identify the double entries noted it before Bernama admitted to the incident. However, this was only done after several denial. 
Wrote Man Behind Lens
Further to the denial of image manipulation and doctoring, Bernama editor-in-chie…

Rocky’s Pizza Fan Club increases business from dine-in customers, deliveries and walk-ins

In the chase to increase the number of likes for their Facebook Pages, many merchants forget that the love-like relationship with their customers is a two-way street.

At Rocky’s Pizza, Fan Club members get 15% off when they pay with NETS, Singapore’s national debit card brand.

The simple incentive turns the pizza eatery’s existing Facebook fan page into a loyalty program Fan Club, with no need for membership forms, cards or coupons, whether paper or digital.

“The Fan Club has increased business from both dine-in customers and deliveries,” said Mr Marcus Lew, Operations Manager for Rocky’s Pizza. “We have also seen a 10% increase in walk-in customers since the launch of the Fan Club.”

A simple registration site “” makes it very easy for customers to join the Fan Club in the restaurant, as they dine.

“The registration process is so simple and easy to understand that most of our customers were able to join the Fan Club without any assistance from the staff,” …

The New Paper sees largest fall in circulation figures among all SPH dailies

Sex and controversies did not bode well for The New Paper as it lost the most circulation figure among all of Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) dailies. The New Paper is known for its raunchy cover headlines to pull in the readers.

Based on SPH annual report, The New Paper drop below the circulation figure of 100,000 in six years to 98,100. Since August 2006, the publication's circulation figures have dropped by 12%.

The drop in The New Paper circulation could have been the result of the possible backlash it received for the reporting of the opposition parties, particularly on the Singapore Democratic Party, during the Singapore General Elections of 2011.

Though the General Elections 2011 was held in May, the fall in circulation figures in August could have been the trickle effect created by this backlash.

August 2006 August 2007 August 2008 August 2009 August 2010 August 2011 Aug 2010 - Aug 2011 Aug 2006 - Aug 2011 Tamil Murasu10,20011,70014,40014,10014,80017,200    16%69%The Business Times3…

Nokia connecting people to another fake

There is no doubt that Nokia wants to win the smartphone wars with its PureView technology to out-shoot the competition. Unfortunately, social media has once again exposed one of the photos as falsely advertised as taken from the to-be-launched Nokia Lumia 920 phone.

See the photo below, it looks great and was allegedly taken by the Nokia Lumia 920 phone.

Source: Mashable
Blogger sefsar was rather curious about the light sparkles in the photo.
Wrote sefsar,
I decided to do a bit more research based on the data we have at hand. Going by these still images it’s hard to tell what device really took the photos. We don’t have the EXIF data because these are part of a video, and there’s no cheeky reflections we can zoom in and enhance. However, there is one thing, that once seen can’t be unseen. Diffractions. Diffractions are the sparkle affect generated around the bright lights in the background.
Sefsar's curiosity was soon answered with a photo from Hacker News on ycombinator.

Source: ht…

Singapore welcomes Panda diplomacy..

...and why you can't say no to Panda cheese.

Nokia - Connecting People with a Fake Ad

Nokia must be really desperate to get into the smartphone market that they released an ad which showed the  features of Pureview innovation. Sharp-eye media outlets, however, spotted a frame with a camera man holding a big ass DSLR camera to show Nokia's Optimised Image Stablisation feature.

Nokia has since apologise for releasing the fake ad.

Wrote The Verge,

"As you can see in the video above, there's a curious reflection in the window of the trailer in the background. It's not a young man riding his bicycle alongside the cheerful model, but instead a big white van with a lighting rig and a cameraman standing in the doorway — with what appears to be a large camera rig. Whatever he's holding, we can reasonably agree it's not a Lumia 920."

And the Nokia apology,

"Of course, hindsight is 20/20, but we should have posted a disclaimer stating this was a representation of OIS only. This was not shot with a Lumia 920. At least, not yet. We apologize for the…

Here is why PR agencies shouldn't just play postman for its clients

One of the lessons I learnt from a manager was that she didn't want me to just play postman, one who just delivers programs after programs. She wanted us to create, or work on to improve a system so we be seen as fire-starters rather than a "postman" at work.

Below is a REAL STORY on why PR agencies should also buck up and not play the role of "postman" for their clients.

Wrote a IT Journalist on Facebook,

"Journo: Hey I cant install any apps in the tablet u passed to me becoz I dont ha ve admin rights, can I have the admin password?

OS company: We cannot give you admin password, we have to reinstall for you

Three weeks later

OS company: Oh, we found out the problem, you didnt have admin rights.

Journo: Yah, that's what I told you three weeks ago and which is why you took the tablet back."

One of the important lessons learnt here is that when you send a product to a journalist or for a blogger review, make sure it is a full product which allows the jou…