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Singapore’s upload speeds slower than Mongolia and Laos #$!

The next time you see only of the three broadband players saying they can provide good upload and download speeds, take it with a pinch of salt. Maybe a big tablespoon of salt. recently made their data public and Singapore’s broadband scores not really admirable. When it comes to download speeds, Singapore is ranked 31 at 8.50 Mb/s after you take away results from schools and corporations. The Aland Islands, somewhere in Finland, even have better download speeds than us. They are ranked 11 with 16.48 Mb/s.However, what disappoints me is where Singapore is ranked with upload speeds. 52 at 1.12 Mb/s.No wonder I get uploads speeds of 20kbps with the Starhub Mobile Elite which promised in their ads up to 5Mbps of uploads speed. Singapore is being Laos, UGANDA, Kenya, Mongolia and not forgetting the Aland Islands. I feel that the Singapore ISPs need to re-think their broadband strategy to improve upload speeds rather than promising faster downloads. With the web moving toward…

<Media Release> Refinery Media first in Asia to ink deal with Foursquare

(Disclaimer: Refinery Media is a client of SocialPR.)Refinery Media is the first company in Asia to partner location-based social networking application Foursquare. Currently in partnership with several major media partners including HBO and Warner Bros. Entertainment, Foursquare now includes Refinery Media in its fast-growing mix of media and entertainment collaborators.Refinery Media’s first multi-platform reality-based entertainment programme, was introduced in 2009, featuring aspiring models going through a series of challenges for a chance to be crowned Asia’s next ‘IT’ girl. As a multi-platform experience that was driven by the Web, Mobile and TV, the format gave audiences three distinct viewing options with different layers of content. Viewers were engaged through multiple social media platforms and online traffic was driven to partners’ sites through the use of exclusive Hyperspot technology.Foursquare is a location-based application for the iPhone, Android…

“Live” streaming of Samsung’s bada developers day in Singapore

I have been engaged to do the “live” stream of Samsung’s bada developers day in Singapore. The “live” stream of the conference can be found below. Free Webcam Chat at UstreamYou can access the full “live” and chat feature at interested to do a “live” stream of your event, please feel free to drop me an email at aaronkoh(at)

Facebook Fanpage Fail (FFF): HTC Singapore Fans Revolt

Fanpage hell has no fury like an ignored fan scorned with canned messages and HTC Singapore fans are showing it at the HTC Singapore Facebook Fan Page. Fans at the HTC Singapore Facebook Fan Page thought that the fan page would be a revenue for them to address issues with their HTC mobile phones. It seems that HTC Singapore chose not to handle the issues and allowed it to create a a public impression that the brand were ignoring their fans.The heat from Singapore fans may have been too hot for HTC Singapore to handle that they decided it was best to update on their status that HTC Singapore is no longer supporting the fan page but fans can still check the page for promotions and updates. Also note from the screenshot below that HTC Singapore removed the status update bar on their fan page to prevents from posting comments. However, kudos for HTC Singapore for not deleting the negative comments but if you go through the page, you immediately get a sense that HTC Singapore didn’t care a…

CopyFail Story – Call the original developers

You all might have heard of the case when MSN China was given a new social networking platform from their outsourced developers which looked very similar to Plurk. Here’s another copyfail story. I was told that a software development company called a Singapore company to ask about this new software platform. The Singapore company never had dealings with this India developer and were curious about call. It turned out that this India developer was outsourced by a Chinese company to develop the same platform that this Singapore company provide online. Another proof of India-China partnership and of a flatter world.

The importance of Meta tags in today’s social network

Meta tags might have been given kick when Google announced that they do not use meta keyword tags in their web ranking. However, as sharing links become more popular with social networking, meta tags may make a come back. Why so?Let’s say the title of the pages in your website says “Welcome to our website!” and the description of the pages says “This is the website of so and so”. If you want fans to link your site on a social networking site, say Facebook, Facebook will draw the title and description from your meta tags. So if you description is empty, the description of the link on Facebook will also be empty. If you link is the boring “Welcome to our website”, I don’t think there will make click through. Hence, I suggest putting a click to action to your title page and a description that clearly describes the site. With more sharing links on social networks, your title of website and the meta description of the website have become ever more so important.

A freelancer’s guide to choosing a netbook

I have been using a netbook since going freelance. Most of the time, when I power up the netbook, I will be asked by those around to recommend a netbook for them. Here is one tip I usually give those who ask for it.Tip #1: Go for battery lifeThe first netbook I used was the Dell Mini10 and the biggest problem was the short battery life. It promised 3 hours but when you really put it to real use, it could be less than 90 mins. This even so when you are using the Starhub Mobile Elite 21Mbps (You will be lucky to get 1Mbps) which draws a lot of power from the battery.So given the price is about the same across all netbooks with almost the same specs, go for one that gives you more value in terms of battery life. My 20-month old son has since destroyed the Dell Mini10 by sandwiching the TV’s remote control between the keyboard and LCD screen and pressing the top to test the durability of the LCD screen. The result: the LCD crystals burst!I have replaced the Dell Mini 10 with the LG X130.…