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Understanding Singapore Primary School Balloting Process

I registered my son for a primary school in an area under 1km from our house under the Phase 2C, which is for the children who do not fall under the earlier phases.

After the first day of Phase 2C registration, there are more children registered than vacancies. Immediately, I reacted that my son will have to do through the balloting process.

However, it seems not all applications will have to go through the balloting.

Hidden in the Ministry of Education (MOE) FAQ website on balloting, there are two examples of how balloting is done.

From the MOE FAQ,

If School A has 80 vacancies for a particular phase and 90 applicants (see table below), how will the places be allocated?

Home-School Distance Singapore Citizen (SC) Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) < 1km 60 10 Between 1km and 2km 10 5 > 2km 5 0 Total 75 15

All the 75 Singapore Citizen (SC) children will be admitted first. The remaining five vacancies will then be allocated to the Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) children based on home-school dist…

National Council Of Problem Gambling (NCPG) Will Have The Last Laugh - Argentina Going To Win The World Cup

The National Council Of Problem Gambling is currently the laughing stock of all campaigns since Germany beat Brazil 7-1 in the World Cup Semi-Finals. However, as Argentina is now in the finals, NCPG will be one having the last laugh.

Germany won because Brazil's defense was non-existence throughout the match.

David Luiz was central defender but he was all over the place. Most of the goals scored was because David was out of position.

Marcelo, left back, played more like left wing. Left and center not working, the defence couldn't cope with Germany's attack. Replay showed that Germany had three attackers vs three or two Brazillian defenders.

The Business Insider has a good analysis of Brazil's defence or lack of it. Read here.

Argentina only conceded 2 goals so far and that was their third match against Nigeria and they already qualified for 2nd round. Argentina back four don't run up much. Messi also knows when to drop deep to help defence like he did against Belgiu…

AirAsia Press Release States Orderly Evacuation Of Passengers Of Brunei Flight But Passenger Notes Otherwise

AirAsia Flight AK278 skidded off the runway at the Bandar Seri Begawan International Airport (BWN) and the budget airline press release claimed that "evacuation of the passengers was performed in an orderly manner by the crew". A passenger of the flight posted on Facebook at the orderly manner wasn't as orderly as described by the press release.

Wrote Won Fabio,
We almost die in Air Asia plane crash in Brunei! We are in the darkness when it skidded during landing, we do not know what to do at all, no announcement, no instructions from the pilot when it crashed, we cannot see the " glow in dark" line on the floor,and i saw a long wire dropped from the compartment but none of the oxygen mask, one the Mr. flight attendant ( steward) make the whole situation worse, he shouted, Run Run Run !! yet we don't know where to run about, that was the time everyone got panic and try to escape, most of the passengers try to grab their luggage and making the escape so diff…