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Preparing For A Blogger’s Interview

Taggo is currently one of my clients and I am lucky to have the spokesperson, Aneace Haddad, to be open about being interviewed by traditional media and also the by bloggers. I have managed to schedule a few blogs interviews with Aneace and I have been able to execute using experiences from my media, PR and social media out-reach to help the blogger and the client with the interview. For a successful blogger pitch, you need to think of the following1. Read the blog and understand what they blog aboutThis isn’t rocket science but I had of many stories from bloggers that PR folks fail to read their blog and mass email them. The mass email isn’t a good thing because it shows that the PR is randomly trying to spread the message in hope that one of out of the 1,000 BCCed email send out turns into a successful interview and placement. That’s a success rate of 0.01%. But why don’t make it 100% by identifying the right blogs for your pitches?For Taggo case, we have identified three start-up b…