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Now You Can Run Promotions on Facebook Page - Here Is Why Running An App Is Better

Facebook, yesterday, announced that promotions, aka contests, can now be executed on the Facebook Page using Page elements, for example the LIKE button. Prior to the announcement, you could only run promotions with a third party app and you are not allowed to use the Page elements.

Some in-house social marketing managers lamented that this should have come earlier so that they can save a few hundred to thousand dollars on creating a app. However, if they were really marketing folks, a contest app would be a better option.

1. How are you going to administer 100s or more Likes or manage 50 photo entries?

If you run a contest asking your Facebook audience to like a photo, or submit a photo via your Facebook Page, as a busy social marketing manager, how are you going to administer the contest especially if the numbers get very high?

For example, if your photo get 100 likes, how are you going to sieve through these 100 likes? It gets even scarier if this number increase.

Or if you have tons…

Too good to be true if IRAS giving out easy money

It seems like there are folks receiving emails from "IRAS" that the Singapore Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore is giving out cash rewards for tax payers. Don't believe it as it is a email scam.

Wrote TodayOnline
The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) has made a police report against a scam email with the subject title “IRAS Reward”.
Cautioning members of the public, IRAS said today (Aug 20) that the email — which asks recipients to click on an attached link to fill in a form to claim cash rewards — and its associated website are scams. ”Members of the public should not respond to the email, click on its hyperlink or provide their particulars,” said IRAS.
Sample of email from "IRAS"
Fake IRAS website
Source: There are couple of tell tale signs that th…

Customers declare increased spending due to Fan Club (Infographics)

We recently did a survey with customers on Fan Clubs and found some interesting results which would be valuable to merchants.

86% say the merchant's Fan Club causes them to visit the merchant more often.
57% say they spend more (F&B average increase of $5 to $10)
67% say they would be come back less often without the Fan Club.

How about joining a Fan Club?

96% say joining a Fan Club is easy or very easy.
92% say the checkout process if fast or very fast.
87% prefer Fan Club then traditional membership cards.

To find out how you can benefit from launching your Fan Clubs, please visit

Privacy and PRISM - Who cares if you can win tickets on Channel U Facebook Page

(Update: I made a mistake. Channel U didn't ask for NRIC number. Just name as in NRIC. However, fans are also entering their NIRC. Still, Channel U is still clear violation of running such a contest on its Facebook Page.)

Channel U, in clear violation of Facebook Page Guidelines on running contests on Facebook Pages, have openly asked fans to share their name as in NRIC and their email addresses on Channel U's Page. However fans are also entering their NRIC number.

I don't see any point masking the details as these fans are gullible to share such details openly on the Page.

Guess how many strangers now know your Facebook ID, NRIC number and full email address? Let's do the maths.

Channel U currently have about 155K fans. By Facebook estimation of 20% only seeing the post, 30K strangers now know their IC number and email addresses. Assuming each fan has 130 friends,  now 30,130 friends and strangers know their IC numbers and email addresses. And if a friend liked the po…

National Geographic Singapore Marketing Stunt Gets Flak For Showing Disrespect To The Uniform

National Geographic Singapore decision to give passerby the opportunity to command a platoon of "army boys" have drawn flak from the public as being "disrespectful to the uniform". Ironically, the stunt above was to promote the upcoming documentary on the life of Singapore boys serving National Service. 
Wrote a Facebook user on Yahoo Singapore Newsroom Facebook Page
"Whats tbe purpose of this? Mocking our NS boys? Ive seen many parents shed tears sending and welcome their Boys to/from NS. And now Any tom dick and harry can command our NS boys? NOT FUNNY or AMUSING!"
Wrote Smiththankyou
"Pride and glory aside, are we even allowed to use Property of SAF for such "showmanship"? And I remember my Encik telling me we can't even book out in "Vest Slack" cause it is not a proper Army uniform like our "Long 4" which is the green camo with long sleeves. Are SAF aware of this publicity stunt?"
The marketing team who …