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The Itsy Sexi Spider Did Climb The "Sue Me" Spout

The decision by the Prime Minister of Singapore, who is also the chairman of one of the world's largest sovereign fund, to sue blogger, Sexispider of The Heart Truths, has raised the argument of the lack of the right of free speech. However, if you were to read the offending article, it seemed that this Sexispider did make himself an open target.

Sexispider, or otherwise known as Roy Ngern, was served papers by the Prime Minister's lawyers for defamation. The entire papers can be found at

The main issue which the PM with the offensive articles was of Roy linking the role of the PM managing the CPF as similar to that of City Harvest Church. The founder for City Harvest and other five accused is on trial of misusing the church's fund.

As such, I am not surprised that the PM has taken to legal means for Roy to take down the offensive article. You have the Singapore gov…

Vulgarities on social media gets you fired in Singapore and in the US too.

The social media news of the day was of a security officer who got fired from his job for posting vulgarities on the Singapore Prime Minister's Facebook Page. It may be news or shocking to some but getting fired from a job for posting vulgarities on social media can also cause one their job in the US, the land of the free.

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Wrote The Straits TimesA Facebook user who posted vulgar abuse in response to Mother's Day wishes by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has been sacked from his job.Mr Ridhuan Abdullah, 30, had identified himself as a security officer at "Keith Morton" on the post, which triggered the move.The security firm's owner, Mr William Morton Jr, said yesterday that such conduct cannot be condoned, particularly from security officers who are expected to uphold basic standards of decorum."He clearly breached our company…

The Straits Times Censors F Word & PAP