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Taggo Case Study–Switched from paper VIP guest list to social media based created word of mouth advertising for Flatline Productions

Flatline Productions at Azzura Beach Club in Singapore used Taggo to switch from a paper based VIP guest list to a social media based process that makes entry to the event easier and faster, and at the same time creates word of mouth advertising for future events.How does it work?Step 1 – Fans hear about the event on Flatline’s fan page.Step 2 - They register their mobile number to get on the guest list, which creates a status update that friends will see, advertising the upcoming event and attracting new fans.Step 3 – On the day of the event, guests go to the venue and give their mobile number to a clerk at the entrance. The clerk enters the number into a PC application to check that the guest is registered, which causes a second status update to appear on friends’ news feeds, advertising a future event.What were the results?Thanks to the viral process created by Taggo, Flatline closed their guest list in two days due to overwhelming response.On the day of the event, Flatline cut the…

Your social media content is read by a real person, just like you

Social media tools have made anyone with a PC and Internet into a content creator with a global audience.

It is easy to put a blog post or upload a video, but doing it via a PC, a machine, doesn’t mean that it is right for you to broadcast things that you wouldn’t want said to you in person. When I read that a foreign Chinese student studying in Singapore posted a video “uttering racist remarks against Singapore women”, this video below is a good reminder that our communication today is done by hitting on a keyboard with the results appearing on the LCD screen, as long as you hit send or broadcast, that message is being read by a real person, just like you.

Should the President of Singapore be expressive of his views?

Of all who have expressed their interest to be President of Singapore, Mr Tan Kin Lian is the only one who openly shared his views of the proposed public transport fare hikes. When asked by the media about his views of the public transport fare hikes, Dr Tan Cheng Bock was quoted to say, “We are not allowed to,we shouldn’t comment on issues because the President must be above all these discussions.”The other two have not officially made any of their views known about this public transport issue.The roles of the Singapore President has been mainly custodial and ceremonial, what do you want your Singapore President to be? Some may argue that the Singapore President is bound by the constitution to be powerless but that does not mean the Singapore President cannot use his influence for the betterment of Singaporeans. The President Star Charity uses the President’s influence to garner votes. Former President and the late Mr Ong Teng Chong became the patron of the first Singapore team to hi…

<ADV> The Originals Get Reel Contest

Get creative and produce your own anti-piracy trailer!

Show your originality and creativity by producing your very own trailer, and stand the chance to have it aired on the silver screen. That’s right - it’s time to get real and make a stand against piracy.

Simply create an original 30-second trailer which reflects the theme, "Support Originality, Reject Piracy". Form a team of not more than 5 members (individual work permitted) and get cracking because the winning trailer will be aired in cinemas islandwide! Note that you must be aged 18-26 (as of 1 Jan 2011) to participate in this contest. Registration closes 31 July 2011. For more information and to register, visit:
Early Bird Promotion: Be the first 10 teams to sign up for this contest and receive a $30 shopping voucher!Attractive Prizes to be Won:
1st Prize: $1500 worth of gift vouchers and software products
2nd Prize: $1200 worth of gift vouchers and software products
3rd Prize: $80…

The Internet in 1969

Online shopping, “live” video streaming, online banking.. All this in 1969..

“No idea” is not a pitch

A journalist recently shared with me her phone conversation she had with a PR executive. Those green in PR can learn a thing or two about this.
You may have the face, but do you have what it takes to pitch?<Phone Rings and journalist answers>PR executive: Hello, is this Bong Lee. Can I checked if you have received our email on this automation service?Journalist: Hello, who’s this? Your number is blocked on your caller ID. You called me, never introduce who you are and you expect me to know who you are? I received thousand of emails a day so which email are you referring? By the way, my name is not Bong Lee, it is Dong Yi.PR executive: I am calling from ABC PR agency. We send this email about the launch of a automation service and was wondering if you have received our email?Journalist: Sorry, I was out the whole day. Since you got me on the phone, would you like to pitch to me about this launch?PR executive: Brand XYZ, our client is launching a new automation service for water f…