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EASTWEST PR welcomes our first Facebook hire

We welcomed our new hire to the office yesterday. However, as I was in KL and was at an event with a client, I wasn't able to fully welcome her to the office.

Why is this new hire worth blogging?

Amazing, she contacted EASTWEST PR via the EASTWEST PR Facebook group, checking if the position was still opened that she saw the papers as our website stated another date.

So technically, that makes her our first Facebook hire.

It is also interesting to see how the medium of communications have evolved, even in the area of hiring people.

It used to be just knocking on doors or making cold calls. Now, they come knocking on the Facebook group.

Not that I am looking for a new PR job, I am also a follower of PRJobs, a PR headhunter in the US, on Twitter. She lists her job openings that she has and announced it on Twitter. The response she gets can be overwhelming.

Newspapers classified does get the interest and attention of readers, but it is important to consider all modes of communication t…

Not So Safe Preso on Social Media

Leaving on a jet plane...

From tomorrow onwards, I will be working from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

EASTWEST PR has decided to look in the feasibility of opening a office here and they have send me up north to recce the area.

The timing of this adventure couldn't be better.

My wife is in her last stage of the trimester and she is expected to give birth in late August. The doctor forecasting it to be on 280808. Nice number though. In Cantonese, the number sounds like "to prosper, prosper and prosper".

My wife has decided to deliver in Kuala Lumpur so that her mother and family members are able to take care of her.

I have to thank the bosses at EASTWEST PR for this opportunity to work in KL so I can be closer to my wife in case of anything, touchwood.

Back to the EASTWEST operations in KL.

The plan here is to spend the next three months to understand the PR business landcape in KL.

It also includes starting a team here.

I will be looking for PR (all levels from Associate to Executive Associate to Senior Associa…