China Bans "Livestreaming"?

China has decided to ban "Livestreaming" on the country's Twitter alternatives after the authorities found that censorship is hard work. 

Wrote Mashable,

Chinese authorities have sent shockwaves through the social media sphere, with a blanket ban on livestreaming across three major online platforms.

On Thursday, the government ordered Weibo, iFeng and ACFUN to stop all its video and audio streaming services, according to an FT report.

This blanket ban would impact "Livestream" stars like Jing Qi, who underwent plastic surgery to boost her online popularity, and the 30 billion yuan (USD$4.3 billion) revenue produced by this internet platform.

The cottage industry that rose from the "Livestream" technology would also be impacted.

Wrote Reuters,

Live streaming has also bolstered the growth of ancillary businesses, including agencies looking to find the next live streaming star, consumer loans, and even cosmetic surgery.
Deng Jian, chairman of Three Minute TV, an agency that provides 1,000 trained anchors to more than three dozen platforms, said his business operates a “militarized” production machine to feed the live streaming industry.
Even the "livestream" of the GO championship between human and robot was banned a month ago.

I wonder how much hard work will it be for the China authorities to ban "livestreaming" mobile apps in the country.


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