(Disclaimer: Blogger's Treat is my own project, working in conjunction with Podfire.sg.)

Michael, Sabrina and me will be launching Blogger's Treat, with Podfire and her other shows, this Wednesday at Geek Terminal around 6pm.

I bet most of you have questions, so let me provide you with the answers here so you can concentrate on the food on Wednesday if you going to the launch.

What is Blogger's Treat?

Blogger's Treat is a under 10 minutes videocast that features blogger's favourite and popular food haunt.

It is created by bloggers, for bloggers and with bloggers.

Each episode you will see a guest blogger bring the Blogger's Treat team to somewhere in Singapore to eat.

As you can see, the "with bloggers" element is very strong here as we often let the guest blogger determine where their favourite food haunt is.

We are limiting ourself to kopitiams, food stalls and small cafes because of budget. Hopefully, we can bring bloggers to high end restaurants in future episode, but I think that itself would be another series.

How did you come up with the idea of Blogger's Treat?

I noticed that most Singapore bloggers are there are compulsive photographers when it comes to eating out.

I joked with Sabrina once that maybe food should go on strike and demand for privacy.

(Maybe the place where food have their privacy respected is at the Banquet chain of kopitiams in Singapore where they have ban photography. They never ban videography so can go there film right?)

Noticing how bloggers like to take photos of their food, I thought it would and might be a great idea if we could have blogger's bringing us to their favourite food haunt.

Alas, both Sabrina and I didn't have the necessary audio and video recording equipment.

Our last videocast project was the short lived Princessa and the little Lamb and it was recorded off a inbuilt webcam found in the Macbook. Audio was atrocious too.

So at the Social Media Breakfast organised by Daryl, Sabrina approached Michael and asked if he could loan us his video equipment to do some recording.

Michael was also launching his Podfire podcast directory and needed content.

Behold, Blogger's Treat was born.

How are you going to market Blogger's Treat?

Facebook is our current choice of marketing medium.

We have started a Facebook group and have been using it as a form of "internal communication" to our audience.

We have announced our filming schedule within the group and who the next guest blogger will be.

The Facebook group also allows us to share every detail of each episode, be it the ups or downs.

After we are done with each episode, we will release photographs accompanied with captions and members are free to make comments.

You might asked us if releasing all this information, even before the episode is broadcast, would spoil interest in the episode?

Our focus is by bloggers, for bloggers and with bloggers hence I would like to make this production as social and open to all.

We want to share with our viewers and have two way interaction with you.

Otherwise, it wouldn't be "by bloggers, for bloggers and with bloggers".

Is Blogger's Treat interested in advertising?

As a content creator, revenue from advertising would be most appreciated.

However, I am doing it because it gives me a chance to interact with fellow bloggers, not in a PR way, but in a more social setting where both of us are creating content together.

But is there is revenue coming in from doing this, it would be a bonus to us.

For me, the money will go into diaper and powder milk fund.

If you are interested to find out more about advertising opportunities, please email Sabrina @ sabrina(at)treats.sg.


  1. princessa  

    April 29, 2008 at 12:06 AM

    I kinda liked my story better ;x

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