There might be some optimism in the air that that global economy is improving and that we could be celebrating the upswing next year.

However, the traditional media do not share the same optimism.

The publishers might be putting a front, but the journalists themselves are not so certain how the improved economy would be beneficial to them.

My recent lunch with a senior journalist and had conversations revolving around the economy and the journalist expressed concerned that traditional media will not benefit from the pending recovery.

The concern was that when the economy recovered, it would be quite amazing if the vendor would be willing to spend ten of thousands in a full colour full page ad just for one issue. 

But we all know that a successful ad campaign can only work over a series of issues rather than just one off.

The senior journalist highlighted that with this amount of capital outlay, the vendor could just look at the digital alternative to get the job done.

Of course the publication can look to cut rates, but cutting rates only bring about a downhill spiral that affects the publication in general.

If this is the beginning of the end of advertising as we know it, what are publications, from the publisher to the sales person to the editorial team doing anything about it?


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