A friend recently complained how he couldn’t catch up with the all the tweets and Facebook updates from his thousands of friends. I couldn’t agree with him more, but i have used some apps to help me solve this problem.

If you have an iPad, Flipboard is the answer.

Flipboard turn your Facebook updates and Twitter tweets into magazine content. This means you can read what your friends share without having to worry about the timeline.

If you don’t have an iPad, the app I found for the web would be http://paper.li. However, paper.li only turns your Twitter feed into a newspaper format at the end of the day.

I see many uses for paper.li and one of them is for brands to use it as a online newsletter.

This is even useful if you have linked your company’s Facebook Page to the company’s twitter account. At the end of the day, you just need to send the link to your database, even to those without twitter, to find out about the stories shared by your company and your followers.

I predict that we will see more of such apps that will allow users to read what is being shared on their social networks more than they are told to read by the newspapers.

Newspapers should take advantage of this to provide for more sharing tools on their online sites as sharing will bring more readers to the site.


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