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Juz B will be crashing The Originals IP Race and rocking it out to their original songs. Let's hear what they say about standing up for originality and respecting IP.

(Juz-B performance at Youth Olympics Games) From L to R: Mathyr, Dee, Ryan, Afwan, and Fizz (Jules not in photo)

1. What’s the story behind Juz-B?

Juz-B was formed back in 1995 when we were in Bowen Secondary School. It originally had 3 members and we performed mainly in school events. After we graduated from secondary school, we still got together due to our passion for singing.

Our group first appeared on national TV in the Asia Bagus programme back in 1997 and we were known as Take 5, because there were five of us. However, there was a boy band with the same name so we changed it to High 5 but another group targeted at younger children also called themselves Hi 5. We didn’t want our audience to be confused so we named our group as Juz-B, which means “just be yourself”.

2. You are original because___________________________.

….we do more than other Acapella groups! Besides singing without instruments, we also do lots of vocal play, which is to use voice to imitate musical instruments. We are a multi-racial and multi-lingual group as we also perform English, Mandarin, Korean and even Bollywood songs.

(Juz-B doing a studio recording for a client)

3. Which of your works will you be performing at The Originals IP Race? What are the inspirations behind these musical creations?

  • Oh–ya: This is a pride of our band as we use lots of vocal play in it. The vocal play instruments include bongos and trumpets, plus we have added a reggaeton beat to it. (Raggaeton is a mix of reggae and latin sounds.)
  • Funky-5:  This is our group’s anthem as the lyrics reflect our motto which is to just be ourselves.
  • Minus 1: Those at the IP Race are in for a treat as we will debut this song at the Race itself! Participants of the IP Race will be the first in the world to hear this original piece.


Don't miss the fun at The Originals IP Race 2011! Register now at www.hipalliance.com


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