(Update: Burger King SG has made this video private and is no longer publicly accessible.)

You know an ad campaign has gone terrible wrong when it needs explaining.

Burger King SG recently launched an interactive Youtube video re-enacting an incident in Singapore where a young man was film pushing an elderly woman on the bus. This video aimed to promote its flame grill chicken products.

Though the video has not reached viral status yet, comments have been against the video.

Commented on MC Trave on Facebook, "In regards to the advertisment of the Furious Man about to hit the elderly, i demand Burger King to take it down and issue an apology. The incident is not something you can just simply capitalise on to sell your food."

At the YouTube site, sgxpress95 wrote, "hi BK, on behalf of the people involved in the fight, i hope you do not release the videos as,they (including me) find it as offensive."

Burger King Singapore has since replied on its Facebook Page.

Wrote Burger King Singapore,

"The King would like to thank everyone for your feedback. Our recent re-enactment video is part of a bigger campaign idea of "Control your fire" which is in response to the increasing number of public outbursts in Singapore. Burger King Singapore believes that fire, when controlled, can lead to a better outcome (and of course, better flame-grilled burgers). The intention is purely focused on the positive redirection of the act itself and not at the expense of any particular individual. The King hopes that everyone can write in to suggest more ways on how to positively redirect fire."

(Spoiler alert) On clicking the three options on the Youtube interactive video, you will get some what Burger King Singapore consider as humourous responses to the incident.

However, what struck me was when you click onto the "Ignite your fire" option, this young man who is about to commit an act of violence is being decorated as a celebrity.

Really Burger King? You are celebrating bullying, especially against the elderly?


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