The digitalisation of photos have made it easy to cut and past photos and post them as yours without the proper attribution or permission.

As such, when The Real Singapore blog posted a photo of a girl to quote that she had self esteem issues because of down syndrome on their Facebook Page, the real mother of the girl complained that the photo was taken without authorization and that her daughter did not suffer any self esteem issues. 

"That is utter bullshit. Nadine has no such negative concepts about herself, and I don't know who this Sara is - we know everyone who knows Nadine," wrote Catherine Ling, mother of Nadine. 

Catherine is also the popular food blogger for Camemberu

What did The Real Singapore do when comments on page told them they were misusing the photo? Like most real media, they deleted the comment like it never existed and even ban the commentators. 

Wrote Samantha De Silva on her Facebook note, "TRS is now banning users who commented on the photo asking them to take it down. Of course, they're deleting the comments too. This means you can't call them out for being the lying liars that they are, thus disrupting their traffic, because higher traffic for TRS' Facebook page will help Nadine... somehow. I don't know how."

Yet the Real Singapore describes themselves as "An online community that provides media coverage without censorship".

Please practice what you preach. 


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