Instagram recently made a change to its Terms Of Service which automatically allows advertisers to buy your photos from them without even the need to ask users, least paying users a portion of the sale.

Wrote the new Instagram new TOS,

You agree that a business or other entity may pay us to display your username, likeness, photos (along with any associated metadata), and/or actions you take, in connection with paid or sponsored content or promotions, without any compensation to you.
There is no option for you to say no, so the only thing left to do is to export the photos I have taken and delete my Instagram account.

Before that can be done, there is a need to export photos.  Forbes have a good list of export sites here.

Gizmodo argued that you "Stop Whining About Your Personal Data on Instagram You Little Whiny Baby", while ZDNet says "No, what Instagram just did to its users is not acceptable".

I agree completely with ZDNET.

This is my concern. Say a local print publisher buy one of your photo off Instagram and publishes in their publication. Under copyright law, if the photos appears on your blog, there is a possibility that you might get approached by the publisher for copyright infringement for having the photo on your blog or social network, even if the photo belonged to you.

Goodbye Instagram! I would have continued to be with you if you didn't change your TOS.

My last photo upload to Instagram.


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