QR codes have been appearing islandwide in 2012 and it will continue to appear 2013.

Our Fan Club posters also incorporate QR codes and this has taught me a few things about QR codes.

QR Codes are personal

We have seen QR codes on big window posters, big posters hanging out the walls, etc. However, what I found is that consumers will scan QR codes when it is more personal. 

Consumers find it quite weird to be pointing their mobile phone in public places as they are concerned it would invite stares. 

On the contrary, when you have a smaller poster at tables top, they are more than willing to scan as it is done in their own personal space. Looking at the phone while sitting down seems acceptable to the consumers.

Putting links or description next to the QR Codes increase scan rates

When consumers see a standalone QR code, they tend to be suspicious where the QR codes leads to upon scanning. Some digital marketers will respond to say that these adds to the element of surprise. Unfortunately the uncertainty will lead to zero scans.

Some marketers will say that putting a link makes the QR code redundant. On the contrary, the presence of the links help assure consumers that scanning the QR code will bring them to the right link. 

The QR code is a tool to assist consumers to go to a site quickly without the need to type in a long URL. So as a tool, one would need to assure the users that the tool is safe.

QR Code as Facebook profile photo is kinda lame

I may have been guilty of this before, and I have to admit that putting a QR Code as a profile photo on Facebook is lame. 

The reason is obvious when you think about it. Nowadays, smart phones connect to Facebook to get your profile photo. So it is kind of weird to see a QR code appearing as a profile photo on the smartphone. How is someone going to scan that QR code on to the smart phone they are holding on to, unless they so happen to carry another smart phone?

Also, if your status update is only seen by friends, would they rather see a face or QR code on the wall? Unless the QR code leads to a photo of the face, but that would be extra work and no-one will know what they will get after they scan that QR code. 


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