All digital photos have a hidden watermark embedded in it called the EXIF data. This EXIF data would usually details of how the photo was taken and with what camera.

Samsung, or rather their agency, posted a photo claiming to be theirs and taken with a Samsung camera. However, the photographer came across his photo and showed that this photo was taken with, not a Samsung camera, but with a Nikon.

Image from EDMW Facebook Page

Wrote CNET Asia, 

Samsung claimed that the image was taken by one of its photographers and was using the image to promote a contest to win its latest NX300 ILC.

However, the EXIF data of the original image found on Santos' Web site showed that it was taken with a Nikon D700, refuting the implication that the image posted on the Facebook page was taken with a Samsung camera (presumably the NX300).

Samsung has since apologised to the photographer before generating 180 comments about Samsung's unauthorise use of the photo.

If Samsung and their agencies wanted to make use of unauthorised photos, they can always use this EXIF stripper.


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