Phewtick, the mobile app that lets users earn money by scanning generated QR codes, have been shut down by Facebook since 2013 April 19.

However, it is only today (2013 May 13), that Phewtick email out to users that they have decided to close the old app and build a new one with a new Facebook developer's account.

Wrote Phewtick,

"We have finally decided to close Phewtick once and rebuild it as a new app. To solve the connection error issue, we need to create a new facebook developer account and recreate an app with the account. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.

In a new app, of course, you will be able to make money by meeting new people. Our vision is still to create a new behavior of greeting your friends and meeting new people. Also, we are trying to transfer your meet-up points in Phewtick to your new accounts in the new app. It will take 8-10 weeks to release the new one. We will contact you again before the app is launched."

So why did Facebook close Phewtick? I can only speculate.

1. High Spam Rate

When too many Facebook users report the wall post generated by your mobile app as spam, there is a chance that Facebook will close your app connection.

Once your mobile app has a high spam rate, Facebook will be alerted and they will ban you app almost immediately with little or no warning.

I have used Phewtick, and while there are options to switch off sharing, I believe the constant updates on the wall made have been reported as spam by friends.

2. Violation of Facebook Development Policies

One of the comments suggested that Phewtick's recent campaign where you introduce new friends to the app will get you more points. As such, many are create fake Facebook accounts to achieve this.

And yes, it is a violation if you app "creates Inauthentic Friendships"

Writes Facebook,

"The Friends Dialog is intended to help users become friends on Facebook with people to whom they are connected in real life. Apps that encourage people to become friends with people they are not connected to in real life are not permitted."

We will never know the real reason for the Facebook closure of the Phewtick app. For Facebook app developers who depend on Facebook connection for their business, this serves as a real life warning of how a Facebook ban can affect your core business.


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