Customer service is a vital component in any F&B outlet. With social networks, a customer's experience at a cafe is multiplied when a post of a unhappy or pleasant experience can be easily seen and shared among friends.

A friend, who would visit Cedele every week for a meal, shared her disappointment about the customer service at Cedele @ T2 on Facebook. So disappointed that she decided that she would be better off having her morning coffee at the opposite cafe.

She wrote,

I think the service staff at this outlet should reflect in their service attitude. 1. We informed them that there is a fly in the pastry cupboard and their collective response was "It's out of our control. " 2. The food was all served cold and they were upset when they served us the wrong order. 3. A general lack of enthusiasm and servitude in their attitude; they obviously dislike their job. By the way, I visit Cedele every week for a meal and I have never had lousy food or service (my fav are the ones at Great World City and Rail Mall) - so this is a first for me.

However, kudos to the supervisor who later apologised for the incident.

From here, it can be easily seen how a Facebook post about a bad experience can be liked and shared among friends, and also be picked up by a blogger friend.

With social networks, customer service, good or bad, doesn't just stop at just one serving, it gets amplified among friends.


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