The social media news of the day was of a security officer who got fired from his job for posting vulgarities on the Singapore Prime Minister's Facebook Page. It may be news or shocking to some but getting fired from a job for posting vulgarities on social media can also cause one their job in the US, the land of the free.

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A Facebook user who posted vulgar abuse in response to Mother's Day wishes by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has been sacked from his job. 
Mr Ridhuan Abdullah, 30, had identified himself as a security officer at "Keith Morton" on the post, which triggered the move. 
The security firm's owner, Mr William Morton Jr, said yesterday that such conduct cannot be condoned, particularly from security officers who are expected to uphold basic standards of decorum. 
"He clearly breached our company's code of conduct and we cannot tolerate this," he said.
Like it or not, you are who you post. You may be unhappy with PAP's or the Prime Minister and their policies, but that those not give you the right to throw out vulgarities at the individuals. One has to remind oneself that one is against the polices, and not the individual.

Getting fired for posting vulgarities on social media, in particular Facebook, is not just a Singapore thing.

This police chief in the US got fired because he posted a video where he shouted out "profanity-laced tirades about liberals and the Second Amendment".  This US teacher quit his job about posting a vulgar comment on the school's website. 

As such, agreements that the sacking of the security officer violated his freedom of speech does not hold any weight. 

Comments that are not vulgar but deem racists or show intolerance can also get you fired. Just google Amy Cheong and Anton Casey.

Here are some tips on how you can still be part of Facebook and still keep your job.

1. Breath in 10 times before you post.

You are more likely to post something you will ultimately regret when you are angry. Before posting anything, breath in 10 times. Maybe enough oxygen will get to your brain by then which will give you foresight on how your post is going the oil that "fry your fish".

Fry your fish is a local slang for getting fired.

2.  10 friends can click like and share faster than you can hit the delete button.

Posts on Facebook travel at the speed of electrons. Assuming that each friend has 130 friends, once they hit the like and/or share button, your post will get an audience of 1,300 in seconds.

So think before you post.

3. Print screen makes private posts public.

One of the biggest misconception one has about the private setting on social networks means it will remain private forever.

All it takes is one good friend of yours to do a print screen and post the image onto their public wall to "unprivatise" your post.

4. Get your mother to friend you on Facebook

If you still have the urge to post vulgarities on Facebook, get your mom to be your friend. One vulgar post and your mother will be calling the microsecond it appears on her wall.


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