The National Council Of Problem Gambling is currently the laughing stock of all campaigns since Germany beat Brazil 7-1 in the World Cup Semi-Finals. However, as Argentina is now in the finals, NCPG will be one having the last laugh.

Germany won because Brazil's defense was non-existence throughout the match.

David Luiz was central defender but he was all over the place. Most of the goals scored was because David was out of position.

Marcelo, left back, played more like left wing. Left and center not working, the defence couldn't cope with Germany's attack. Replay showed that Germany had three attackers vs three or two Brazillian defenders.

The Business Insider has a good analysis of Brazil's defence or lack of it. Read here.

Argentina only conceded 2 goals so far and that was their third match against Nigeria and they already qualified for 2nd round. Argentina back four don't run up much. Messi also knows when to drop deep to help defence like he did against Belgium.

My prediction for the World Cup 2014 finals - Full Time 0-0 draw with Messi scoring a single goal in extra time or it will go into penalties with Argentina winning the World Cup.

If NCPG Andy's father put all his winning and son's savings in the final match for a Germany win, NCPG might have the last laugh.


  1. Anonymous  

    July 14, 2014 at 10:48 AM

    I wonder who is laughing now... Better stick to what you know best and stay away from predicting football match results.

  2. Aaron Koh  

    July 14, 2014 at 11:28 AM

    Germany and Argentina did draw 0-0 after 90 mins. And the match ended in a single goal, not by Argentina though.

    So I was right with the score but not the winner.

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