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Frustrated Singtel user draws 10,000+ likes and 800+ comments and growing

A Singtel user, frustrated with the telco's slow mobile data network, shared his disappointment on Singtel's Facebook Page which saw close to 10,000+ likes and 800+ comments in less than 24 hours.

Wrote John Lee on Singtel Facebook Page,

"Dear singtel all my friends are complaining about your network. How could you setup a 4G network where your 3G suck big time and you want to lower our data plan but still charge us the same price and yet we still get many drop call and slow network. You guys are taking our money but not giving us the service so here I'm complaining right at your face and wait for your feedback..."

Singtel Facebook administrators have been trying to cool the angry Facebook mob, but to no avail.

Wrote one of Singtel Facebook administrators,

"We hear you. We would like to assure you that SingTel is committed to providing high-quality and consistent 3G and 4G mobile coverage to its customers. There are various factors that affect coverage, and these are due to the inherent nature of mobile technologies. These issues are not unique to the SingTel network and could affect customers of any operator. For example, users may sometimes experience weak reception in locations, such as basement car parks and lifts, where signals are blocked by walls and structures. 

SingTel has an ongoing programme to enhance and expand our mobile network. In the last 3 years, we have invested more than S$2 billion across our networks, including mobile. We are adding more base station sites islandwide and upgrading existing ones to handle more traffic."

To which a fan replied,

"Dear Singtel, 

I find your response to John Lee's post unsatisfying. By explaining that "there are various factors that affect cover... users may sometimes experience weak reception in locations, such as basement car parks and lifts, where signals are blocked by walls and structures", you are assuming that Singtel users are ignorant, uninformed and unreasonable consumers who do not even know that lack of coverage in lifts is normal.

Contrary to your beliefs, we are complaining not because of these "inherent natural causes" that you have cited but we have compared and gathered enough evidence on a day to day basis to know that Singtel's 3G coverage is bitterly lacking in comparison with Starhub and M1. By "bitterly lacking in comparison", I do not mean Starhub coverage works in lifts where walls block data reception but I'm saying that for example in trains and tunnels where Starhub users are known to enjoy decent coverage, I, a Singtel user, am unable to experience the same coverage.

This is the basic premise for complaint and this is also what you, as a capitalistic company that is supposed to put consumers before all, should be addressing. 

Let me state this simple problem for you: "why is your 3G coverage not as good as Starhub or M1 on a general basis across Singapore when Singtel users do not pay a lesser price in comparison to users from these telcos?" Please explain."

It is tough being a Facebook administrator these days...


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
I totally agree with Aaron Koh. Last night, I was trying to search for some info using my handphone (Singtel). After waiting for some time, I grew inpatient so decided to use my brother phone (M1). Guess what, after i finish surfing using my brother's phone, my handphone is still loading. Singtel said they have spent 2 billions to improve their 3G service. I really wonder where all the money has gone to. Most likely they spent the money building the base station on Pulau Ubin.

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