The reason is simple yet it is one of those that get overlooked most of the time.

More and more people are spending their waking overs on the Internet. Sometimes they spend close to eight hours a day online.

Because more audience are spending time on this medium, isn't the Internet medium the best place to capture these audience's attention?

Before we jump to the web2.0 scene, most companies are still fully prepared for their web1.0 play, but most importantly how they can mix the two with their traditional PR practices.

Say for example a company launches a product with a press conference and get maximum coverage. It gets coverage on the dailies. How long will that awareness be felt? On day perhaps. How about a monthly trade magazine? Maybe for a month.

Getting coverage on the print is great. I still support print as it is still more mobile and always on compared to the Internet medium. However, finding a product or a brand is more difficult to do it in print.

I was looking out for a Podcast recording device today.

The first person I referred to was Michael Cheng who is the producer of the Tech65 podcast.

I went to him because I remembered seeing him carrying a podcast device around during the recording.

He told me Tech65 uses a Samson Zoom H4.

My next step to finding where to buy such a device was Google.

Yeap, I search for it or rather I googled Samson Zoom H4. It brought me to the Samson page which I managed to find the local dealer and asked about the price.

In this process, there were two forms of marketing involved; Word of mouth and Search .

Maybe the local mainstream media did write about the product once, but I found information about the product via search.

Hence, online helps you reach your audience during the off-peak media periods.

When companies overlook the online advantage and not strategise its approach, it make it hard to target this "findability" crowd. Of the million internet users, shouldn't there be at least 1 person looking out for your brand online?

The online approach should work in tandem with the mainstream media approach. When the print comes out with coverage of your brand or product and the reader decides to find information about it on the same day or not, companies have to make sure that the brand or product appears early in the resulting 1st page of Google search.

The new media adds a new layer of interactivity medium, but that's good for another post.

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