(Disclaimer: Riverbed and Trident are not clients of this blogger.)

WAN Optimization and acceleration, what's that?

A fresh IT journalist or a PR person new to the network space will definitely be stunned by the two network lingo.

The following cartoon by Trident and Riverbed gives a broad overview why WAN Optimization and acceleration are important to the network guys, CIO included.

The reason why I am highlighting this video is that this is one of the ways that the network providers can make of use of content that they have built over the years to include in their new media approach.

At in a couple of keywords and SEOing, whenever somebody searches for explanation of WAN Optimization and acceleration, this video will surf as a quick introduction and some self promotion of the product.

However, if there are journalists or clients who needs some refreshing on the topic, just send them the link to the video.

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