Bloggers might have new job opportunities in the future if Steve Rubel prediction of new digital careers.

Wrote Steve,

Google is downplaying SEO and increasingly rewarding those who create quality content. This includes the pros/media, amateurs and brands. Blended Search - which integrates noteworthy videos, news and images with web results - is winning over users, according to Jupiter Research.

Net, as Jason Calacanis notes, there is a big market for people who know how to create or cultivate compelling content that pulls in people. To that end my employer is starting up Edelman Studios - a virtual content house that will identify online talent and pair them with brands. Many in the Hollywood community, ex-journalists and advertising/PR creatives will orient their careers in such a direction. Don't be left behind. There's plenty of need here.
Most corporations I have met have great websites and are information packed.

While these information websites were nicely designed, it wasn't designed for search engines.

Now that Google is trying to reward content, the problem these sites now have is that the content isn't compelling enough for readers to return to the site for more than just information.

But are corporations ready to tell stories?

That's where Digital Storytellers come into play.

With web2.0 tools readily available, the story needn't just be text.

It could include both audio and video. The medium of delivery of the story doesn't need to be limited to one.

When I advised clients or even collegues to go blogging, the first thing I advised them is to focus on the issues regarding the solution or the product.

Most corporations might fall back to the traditional medium of going back to focus on the product. The problem here is that the story is seen as a hard sell advertisement, not telling a story.

I have always joked as a journalist that I don't tell lies, I make up stories.

If you understand the double take on it, that's great.

But as the web develops, content is still king. The question here is how is one going to deliver the content to make it interesting for readers to spend their time to read the content.

In the Web2.0 world, it has to go beyond reading and how the visitors react and interact to the story which is most important.

Long live King Content!


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