The two social media outings I attended in the spat of three days, Ogilvy's Open Room on Monday and the launch last night, has given me some insights into bloggers relations.

Tania, of Ogilvy, and I joked that we should do a manifesto on bloggers relations but the act of doing so would be an irony.

As PR agencies look to deal with bloggers as the new media, here are some useful tips. Mind you, these are in local context, not some based on examples with foreign blogs.

Tip 1: Personal invites please.

A PR person charges by the hour and mass invites via BCC is the most effective way to deliver those invites.

Bloggers, however, prefer personal invites.

If you are inviting the bloggers to an event for the first time, a introduction to the email is a must as the blogger would not know who the agency is.

Thanks to Rinaz for reminding me about this.

Tip 2: Communicate with bloggers through the medium they use

The two common ways PR communicate with mainstream media is either by phone or emails.

However, if a blogger were to communicate to you via his/her blog, response by communicating via the blog.

Some bloggers might have designed a contact me feature on their blogs, use it!

If a blogger communicates via twitter, twit back.

Tip 3: People Person not Product Person

This is a bit tough to follow as most corporate spokespeople are trained to talk about their product and not about themselves.

Most bloggers might be impressed with the product spill, but that would only last for say 60 secs.

Be a People Person, but I am not just talking about playing lip service.

For example, if you are showcasing a digital camera, don't just talk about the camera. Mingle arrange with the bloggers and offer to take group photos with them. If you have those niffy printers that print the photos on the go, print it and give it to the bloggers.

Share with bloggers your photography experience and maybe get a tip or two from the bloggers.

After the event, post the photos up on a blog and link it the individual bloggers. Blog about what you have learn. Speaking of which, this leads to another tip.

Tip 4: Links are the new currency

This is a revolutionary concept. Bloggers like a linkback, not trackbacks, because it helps their blog in increasing their Google PageRank.

Playing a part in increasing their Google PageRank, no matter how small part it is, is call participation and engagement.

While it is easy to do linkback, do not turn your own blog into a link spamblog.

Use the event to generate content on the link. Help the blogger spread his/her influence to your own readers.


  1. eStee  

    May 1, 2008 at 1:15 PM

    thanks for sharing Aaron!

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