I was a one day conference today about "What PR directors need to know about New Media" and I was like one of the few who has a blogged and was Twittering via GTalk on my blackberry.

The rest of the 16 participants were interested to find out what was the safest route to engage social media.

It seem the answers lies in internal corporate blogging as it is in a closed garden that only internal members can access.

But even if it seem like a safe idea, there were questions about how to make it even safer. IBM was used as an example where it was the employees who set the guidelines to the internal wiki or blogs, but it seem like there are wondering if there guidelines on creating these guidelines.

Is internal blogging the safest way to get corporates to engage social media?


  1. Daryl Tay  

    May 13, 2008 at 12:27 AM

    Who organised this talk? Interested to know who's an "authority" on social media in Singapore...

    I've done a couple of case studies on internal blogging and internal wikis, and I do feel they are the safest ways to get started, if there's no social media strategist within the company. The downside is it would probably take half a year to a year to really get used to it before venturing to external social media efforts, which may be more time than some companies can afford.

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