There are many new skill sets a social PR person must have to engage this new PR medium. One of them I learn is that a social PR person must have some basic photography interest in them.

Recently at a client event, the designated phtographer didn't really take good shots of the event. It wasn't that her skills was bad or her camera. Somehow the photos didn't bring out the colours of the event.

Fortunately, as part of my blogger relationship value-add, my responsibility at the event was to take photos.

My photos may not be the best in technique, but it brought out the life of the event.

Another tip of taking photos event is try to take those candid shots, rather than asking folks to stand and pose in front of the camera.

Those candid photos capture the activities more natural and lively. Best if you can capture photos of people doing work.

My colleagues said the photos were very blog friendly. I guess what they meant was the photos help the bloggers to use it as a compliment for their subsequent post.

As a value add, I upload the photos on facebook and tagged the fellow bloggers at the event.

This way, you not help create awareness among their friends, the bloggers can be left to enjoy the event to the fullest.


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