From tomorrow onwards, I will be working from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

has decided to look in the feasibility of opening a office here and they have send me up north to recce the area.

The timing of this adventure couldn't be better.

My wife is in her last stage of the trimester and she is expected to give birth in late August. The doctor forecasting it to be on 280808. Nice number though. In Cantonese, the number sounds like "to prosper, prosper and prosper".

My wife has decided to deliver in Kuala Lumpur so that her mother and family members are able to take care of her.

I have to thank the bosses at EASTWEST PR for this opportunity to work in KL so I can be closer to my wife in case of anything, touchwood.

Back to the EASTWEST operations in KL.

The plan here is to spend the next three months to understand the PR business landcape in KL.

It also includes starting a team here.

I will be looking for PR (all levels from Associate to Executive Associate to Senior Associates), PR support team (Media Monitoring) and HR/Admin to suport the Singapore office.

I will be starting off at a service office in Phileo Damansara and will also help the company to look for office space in the area.

One of the other goals is to start establishing networks in KL with journalists, analysts and potential client.

It is going to be an exciting three months ahead. Not only am I looking forward to the latest generation to the family, but also the birth of EASTWEST PR in Malaysia.

This isn't my first time overseas to start a business.

From late 2004 to mid 2005, I was in Koh Samui with the high hopes of starting my own property business. You can find the blog at

Though the business didn't take off, the experience of starting a business in a foriegn land would serve me well now.

The difference today is that I will have more support from the EASTWEST team in Singapore and Beijing.

There will be roadblocks, but as I learnt, roadblocks are there as challenges to test if you are really interested in getting your goals.

So if you are interested to find out more about EASTWEST PR in Malaysia, you can contact me at aaron(at) or contact me via my MY mobile.

Sorry, will only be able to register a new number tomorrow evening. I will post it tomorrow then.

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