It has been awhile since this blog was updated.

Reason number one: the birth of my son, Anson Koh.

Reason number 2: coping with the KL office.

It is no surprise that this Social PR father bought his new born son into the social networking stage.

Anson has a Gmail account which I have invited all family members, relatives and friends to leave him an email so he can read them when he grows up.

Anson also has a Facebook account set up which friends of my wife and I can check out updates on the little boy.

How can this web2.0 father forget the blog! Check out Anson’s blog at http://seventeenzeroeightzeroeight.blogspot.com/

The blog is filled with photos and little comments to make it interesting.

Thank goodness for digital photography as I have take quite a number of photographs of Anson. And thanks to Web2.0, I made us of the features of Picnik.com and Picassa 3.0 beta to give it a little bit of jazz.

20 years of color fading now takes 2 minutes with picnik.com

Digital photography has not killed the good old fashion photograph shops either. Now I am printing about 100+ photos was a single 2G SD card as opposed to 30 years ago when one roll of film was limited to only 12 to 24 shots.

The advantage of Web2.0 now is that I can share news of the family to relatives who are far and wide, especially those down under.

In a strange way, Anson has brought the relatives closer though they are continents apart.

PS: I never liked the blogspot content entry system and I am using Windows Live Writer for this and future entry. Maybe I should do a review of this new writer, built for blogging, soon.

Also, I have given this blog a fresher theme. Hope you like it.


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