Go SAP it!

I repeat. F1 Singapore isn’t my cup of tea as I find it boring to see cars going in circles 55 times.

But I was highlighted of SAP-TV offerings on the Web.

SAP Formula One Grand Prix Event

As much as Web2.0 has enabled end-users to create their own content, corporations too have the medium to create their content for their public.

What is needed now from this corporations is a little publicity plan to increase awareness of its multimedia content.

One method is to make use of the social media release format which calls for the placement of such multimedia content together with their standard text based press release. If html isn’t your cup of tea, try using Pitchengine’s WYSIWYG SMR platform.

It should also consider using Twitter to highlight followers when new episodes, especially Asia Pacific based episodes, are release. Or even starting a Facebook group to that social networking reach.

If you are a big or small company looking to take full advantage of the Web2.0 Internet medium to create your own content, you should also not forget the marketing aspect of the content.

However, SAP-TV offering do beat the Oracle Asia Pacific Twitter account that for some reason is a protected offering.

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