We have seen the Asian stock markets affected by the US banking crisis recently.

But what does this crisis mean to the tech industry in Asia?

It depends on who you are asking. If you asked an Asian C level spokesperson, they seem optimistic that the currency crisis in 1997 has prepared the region with stronger fundamentals will enable tech companies here to ride the wave.

Westerners seem to have more pessimistic view of the crisis.

Interestingly, many western IT publications are asking the same crisis and it seem they are more focused on western economies.

Wrote The Guardian,

The squeeze will also push companies towards open-source models, since those don't require expensive licenses as well as expensive support. That could be a threat to Microsoft - something that its chief executive Steve Ballmer may have had in mind when he spoke on Tuesday in Norway. "When businesses have less money - they can borrow less money, they can spend less money - that can't be good. When consumers feel the economic pinch, house prices come down. That can't be good," Ballmer said

ZDNET Deb Perelman wrote five ways the US banking crisis will hurt those in the tech industry.

I will be waiting to see a Asia IT publication who will give it a more Asian view of the crisis.

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