Have you ever been to a IT shop where they try to amaze you with their technical knowledge only to convince you that should get a pricier product?

My mom almost fell victim but her decision to make the purchase the next day save her from spending close to SGD600 more.

The family was looking for a new TV after the current CRT went kaput after 8 years of usage. As my mom had the time, she went around the shops to get the best deals in LCD.

She came across a shop selling a LCD TV for half the price as it was under promotion. Not surprising, the salesmen tried to up sell by highlighting the comparative low contrast ratio of the LCD TV.

“This LCD TV only have a contrast ratio of 10000:1,” said the salesman. “This means when you turn channel, the colour will fade and you have to manually adjust the colour accordingly.”

“You should get this LCD with 20000:1 ratio. Cost SGD600 more but you don’t have to manually change the brightness.”

When my mom told me of this, I was like WTF? When did contrast ratio affect the colours of the LCD TV when you change channel?

The stuff that affects the colour is the response time. Coincidentally, the respond time for both LCDs were the same. So it shouldn’t have any difference.

Guess with complains of financial consultants recommending financial products by confusing the buyers with the technicalities, in the IT  business, you shouldn’t buy when somebody is trying to confuse with the specs either.

In the end, we got the cheaper LCD TV.

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