(This is dedicated to Kate212 who send me a question on my role in New Media)

It took me awhile to define the various channels for New Media and after many revisions, I may have finally narrowed them down.

First, there is the online awareness channel that is made up of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing.

The next channel I have developed is digital content. This consist of creating vidcast, podcasts and digital photography. Yes, they will be put online for sharing but I am on the current crusade to push these content on a social media release format which can be used as that new press release or pitch to the media and bloggers.

Interestingly, there have been an increase in demand for vidcasting recently as many are looking at the visuals to tell the story. The job includes scripting, storyboard, the recording itself and the final editing.

The third channel looks at the social networking sites to increase the awareness of the brand. Usually, B2B customers look to LinkedIN while B2C are interested more in Facebook.

Starting a group in LinkedIN or Facebook can be easy, but maintaining the interest of current or new members is where the hard work comes in. This is where the above channel comes in handy as they can be easily shared in such groups.

The final channel is event. This consist of blogger engagement activities where we look to consult clients on coming up with ideas that will interest bloggers, which bloggers to invite, consulting clients on how to talk to bloggers at such event, and I have also included the digital content here.

The digital content part works well for most B2C events. After taking photos and videos at such event, we usually post it up in Facebook and tag the various bloggers who attended the event. Not surprisingly, most bloggers do have a Facebook account.

Though these bloggers might bring their own digital cameras, the bloggers free to use the photos and videos for their blog post.

You might be asking, where is the blogging?

Blogging isn’t dead, but unfortunately in Asia, blogging can be very tedious as each post will need to go through countless and endless levels of approval before it can be published. This take too long and in the end, the blog only have a few entries to create interest in readers.

There, my helicopter view of my role in New Media.


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