During the last Malaysia elections, the Internet was touted as the reason why the opposition won more seats than in previous elections. Jeff Ooi was also touted as the first blogger-politician.

I was reading CNN today and found a few interesting quotes from key strategists.

“The key ingredient was Obama’s ability to built a campaign from the bottom up,” said Donna Brazile, CNN contributor/Democratic strategist. “Using technology, he called on ordinary citizens to believe that together they could turn the page.

“Second, the campaign used technology to connect people where they lived. At every event, he reached out to citizens to talk to one another and work towards a common purpose.”

Even a Republican strategist commented on Obama’s use of the “tubes”.

“Obama won because he engaged and mobilised young voters through the use of social networking platforms,” said Leslie Sanchez, CNN contributor/Republican strategist. "

“Maximised fundraising and voter contact techniques on the Internet.”

Are you still not looking at the Internet to grow your business from the bottom up?


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