OK. You have signed up for pitchengine.com to create your first social media release.

Cutting and pasting the standard press release sounds very easy, but there could be improvement.

Let me start with your photographs.

One of the advantage of the Social Media Release format is that you are allowed to “paste” the photos of your spokesperson on the release.

One thing I realised is that there can be at least two to three spokesperson in your press release. One being the corporate spokesperson and the other could be external spokesperson.

As a PR agency, your are most likely to put up the photo of your client’s spokesperson.

It should be a no-brainer that if the release came from company ABC, the photo attached in the social media release should be of spokesperson from company ABC.

However, without a caption in your photo to highlight who the person is in the photo, some might wonder who he or she is.

You don’t need photoshop to enter the captions. Use paint.net and you can do a quick caption highlighting the name of the spokesperson, his/her designation and company.

If you are thinking of putting up product shots, do put captions to highlight the name of the product.

Sure, the journalist or blogger might ask for another photo without the caption, but it beats having the reader confused over the photographs.


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