There are many PR agencies out there that offer services to target the New Media aka bloggers. But how do you know which agency to choose or judge the consultant?

I think the question you should be asking if the consultant who will be handling your account if he or she have read The Tipping Point and whether the consultant can identify bloggers who would create that Tipping Point for your brand.

Most importantly, you should be asking “What makes you think these bloggers would cause the Tipping Point for my brand?”

Of course you should be reading The Tipping Point first before you ask the question.

I won’t want to tell you the answer either so please go read the book!

Why am I asking this?

Six months ago, it looked cool to have so call top bloggers invited to events.

Six months down the road and with the season of savings looming, clients are now asking the effectiveness of the social media outreach.

Six month down the road, I read of events on blogs of the same bloggers who have been invited to the event time after time.

Yes, they take good photos, write good things about the product and give you a link to the client’s side. But what’s their traction? Have they caused that Tipping Point to make your product or brand popular or well know?

Clients are also asking these questions today.

In a recent interview with a client’s client, I was amazed by this client to look at influencer marketing as his choice of marketing rather than mass marketing.

“Why should we be spending millions to create a TV ad for 30 secs or less and hope that 1% of the million targeted viewership respond to the ad,” said the client.

“Or should we spend 1% of that one million dollars to find our influencers who can get  80% of their network to go with our brand?”

In fact this client has identified an influencer who has about 800 in his networks and a single message to these 800 can get them and their friends into stores the next day!

I know of blogs and bloggers, especially in the consumer IT business, who meet the criteria of being able to cause The Tipping Point. Their rss feeds subscribers count more than these group of popular bloggers, but the problem is these blogs and bloggers are ignored because they are not part of a popular aggregator or go around socialising with people in real life.

So the next time you determine which agency and which consultant you should select for your next social media campaign, make sure they read The Tipping Point.


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