The last ten months in EASTWEST PR I have dealt mainly with IT vendors in the Enterprise and Telecom space. I have learnt a few things about social media and why this space is different from their consumer counterparts.

Lesson #1: Their audience isn’t the bloggers

While most consumer Social PRist target other bloggers for their PR campaign, those in Enterprise IT and Telecom are not looking to engage other bloggers.

One of the problems is that the number of bloggers who actually blog about Enterprise IT and Telecoms in this part of Asia is almost zero. There could be some out there who blog in this space, but they choice of being anonymous makes it hard for me to engage them.

Hence the audience isn’t other bloggers, but their existing or potential clients. When you are looking to engage on Social PR activities for those in the Enterprise IT or Telecom, its all about helping get them in front of the clients.

Lesson #2: Clients want more impact

Say you got your client an interview and it was published, that’s a hit. You get a pat well done.

That used to be what happened yesterday.

Enterprise IT and Telecom clients want to know what’s next after that published interview. Yes, it came out in print, but what’s next?

Clients want to see how getting in print will get them more customers, or at least help close that impending deal faster.

Hence, my take is that PR agencies have to up that value add by providing clients with a marketing sales kit they can bring to their sales team.

You can do this by creating a LinkedIn account for the spokesperson. Get the spokesperson to connect as many as he can. When the article is out, shared it as a link. Get you spokesperson to also start a discussion over the article.

If you have any suggestions how those in the Enterprise IT and Telecom space can make use of the Social Media space, I hope you would share it with me.


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