Bringing Anson around to two relatives’ place was tiring, but seeing their happy faces made the journey all worth it.

We started the day taking to Anson with a grandaunts, which makes her a great-grandaunty with Anson.

Visits to this grandaunty place during Chinese New Year without her popular ham sandwiches doesn’t complete the trip.


Left: Grandaunty with daughter preparing ham sandwiches. 
Right: Famous ham sandwiches.

Photo: Even Anson has started “eating” the famous ham sandwich.

Our next trip was to a another relative’s place from my father’s side. A popiah (spring rolls) lunch was at hand.







Left: Ingredients for the popiah session.
Right: Mother and aunty making their own popiah.

It was latter back to Anson’s great-grandparents place to greet them and entertain guests there.

Sorry for the lack of text for this blog post as I am extremely tired and we have another busy schedule for the second day.

Here’s some photos to fill the void.

Photo: Younger cousins preparing for a pillow fight!







Photo: Some tidbits at Grandma’s place.

Photo: Anson being the star of this year’s Chinese New Year!


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