My in-laws live about about 325km north of me. 325km is the distance between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

They have help taken care of my son in KL, Malaysia, while i worked in Singapore.

Now that my wife and son are living in Singapore, I am not surprised they are missing the bubbly laughter or the sharp cries of my son.

During their time, communications with distance relatives were by phone. If you wanted to send photos, snail mail would have been their only option and took days.

Luckily for the Internet and its evolution, I am able to show their videos of their grandson in action almost real time.

Many of you may have heard about Qik. For those who are not aware what it is, its a website that allows you to upload videos straight from your mobile phone. If your mobile phone supports wifi, you could even do a “live” broadcast. However, Qik only supports a few selected mobile phones.

You would need to sign-up for a QIK account and install a program into your mobile phone.

However, I wouldn’t expect my parents-in-law to sit in front of a PC to wait for a “live” appearance on the Internet. My younger brother-in-law, who is the PC- whizz, has connected their home PC to the home’s main LCD TV. The “delayed” telecast was good enough for them.

Another advantage of QIK is that the site allows you to download the uploaded clips as a flash file (.flv), .3gp for mobile phones and .mp4 formats.

Here’s the short clip of my son playing superboy on his mattress.


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