My initial thoughts were that the English sites would top the list.

I was wrong after going through the list.

Here’s the list.

7. (315,953/100,000,000)


Mypaper is Singapore Press Holding’s to Mediacorp’s Today free newspaper.

It started off as a full Chinese daily but soon became a English-Chinese daily to compete with Today.

Mypaper is at

6. (295,100/100,000,000)


One of the problems with Alexa is that it have problems measure second level domains. is ranked but not so I am assuming that it is related to tamilmurasu.

Surprisingly, this site comes in 2nd last behind

 5. (74, 037/100,000,000)


A journalist who follows me on Twitter asked about the stats about the online status about his publication, Today.

Based on the Alexa ranking, it is ranked 6th.

 4. (49, 977/100,000,000)


Singapore Business Times is number 7 and the print is one of the top tier newspaper that is targeted PR agencies.

However, some articles appear online and that disappoints them.

3. (8593/100,000,000)


My first assumption is that The Straits Times would be top Singapore mainstream media site on the Alexa Top 1 million site, but it seems not to be. 

 2. (7816/100,000,000)


Though is number 1 on Hitwise, but according to Alexa’s top 1 million, it isn’t.

The top MSM site is coming up next.

 1. (1364/100,000,000)


Yes, is the top Singapore mainstream media site in Alexa Top 1 million sites.

Interestingly, the top ranking is contributed to visitors from China which makes up to 87.7% visitors from China, but only 4.4% from Singapore.


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