Media Training for Singapore Bloggers

Congratulations go to Claudia for appearing on mainstream media about her enterprise,

Last month, the Association of Blogger (Singapore) appeared in the mainstream media too.

Bloggers were also quoted on the events that follow the association after it hit the news.

It seems bloggers are becoming the new darlings in Singapore.

There are blogs out there who tell PR how they should approach bloggers.

There even blogs out there from the PR side how they and the clients should talk to bloggers.

But I doubt there is a post to tell bloggers how to talk to the media in Singapore.

Here are some notes I have learned both as a PR person and as a tech journo a long time ago.

Note 1: No such thing as “off the record”

Please remember there is no such thing is “off the record” when you talk to the media, especially if it is an interview or even over beer.

If you feel that it is something that should not be say, do not rattle it off your mouth.

Anything you say is on the record even if the journalist say their recorder is off.

Note 2: Mainstream media not obligated to write your story even if the interview is completed

Just as bloggers feel they are not obligated to write about the product even after attending the event, mainstream media are also not obligated to write your story even after the interview.

The reason could range from the editor cutting the story or cutting your part of the quote to fit the story into the given print estate.

Remember that print is not online and there are limited words you can put in a page.

However, a usual sign that the story will be out if they arrange a photographer for a shoot.

Note 3: Once the interview is done, it can appear anytime or not at all

On the other extreme end, once your interview is completed, the story can appear the next day.

If it is online media, it can appear on the same day as the interview.

Be prepared though that it could stretch even for days or weeks. If it doesn’t appear in a month, it won’t appear.

Note 4: Don’t get to your head because you appeared in mainstream media

While it can be exciting to have your photo or story in the papers, you are as good as your last interview.

So try not to let it get to your head.

Note 4: Be prepare for the responses

This is something new with the advent of Social Media. When you are a blogger and you get yourself in the mainstream media, be prepared for the backlash or responses.

Pre-Web2.0 days, the story was always one way – from print to readers. Now the readers actually continue the feedback on their blog or forum.

If you are a blogger, though it is not a rule of thumb to reply via your blog, it is highly recommended that you do though.

Any PR out there want to share a tip on how bloggers can prepare themselves for a media interview?


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