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Memoirs of this Web2.0er

For those who know me personally is well aware of my interest in technology and web2.0. If you are visiting this blog for the first time, here’s an exclusive opportunity to know more about my history Internet.

I was introduced to the Internet at the Internet Cafe when I was 20 years. That’s a good 13 years ago.

My father brought me to the cafe and see if I could learn something new besides playing California Games on my old 486.

I wasn’t fascinated with the Internet at the cafe, but more at the staff playing Quake II multiplayer.

The second time I visited the cafe, I approached the owner to see if I could work there part-time. I submitted the request form and went home.

A few days later, I got a call from the owner who said he wanted to me to do part-time over the weekend. I immediately agreed.

Hence, I got on the job training on how to use IE and Netscape browsers, setting POP and SMTP accounts for tourists looking to access their emails. I was also responsible for recommending tourists to sign up for a Hotmail, Yahoo Mail or Rocketmail account. Guess I was an early influencer of free web-based email then.

My next break came when I got an opportunity to work at the Starhub “Surf for Free” Dial-up Internet help desk at about 24 years old. The irony of this job offer was that I didn’t pass the first test to work on Starhub Internet helpdesk. I took the second test a few days later and got the “Surf for Free” position which paid SGD15/hour. Starhub Internet only paid SGD7.5/hour.

How did I managed to pass the second test? I actually signed up for the “Surf for Free” package, bought a dialup modem and was surfing from it almost immediately. That free package got me a job. Who said the best things in live didn’t come for free?

I did some freelance work for CNET ASIA then as a reviewer and that got me a job with PC World Magazine. I soon moved to These two places furthered my experience on the Internet.

I soon went on to learn about the infrastructure of the Internet with stings at Linksys and Cisco Systems. Who knows the knowledge of differentiating between a switch and router might come in handy one day.

The romantic part of the story comes here about how I met my wife.

I loved to start with the romantic spin that I met her in Koh Samui, Thailand.

Technically, that’s true. I was online on Koh Samui during my six months there and she was online in KL. I dare say she picked mu on ICQ. Urgh-ha you might say.

Later I returned to Singapore and learn a trick or two about writing for the Web. Web2.0 started to form and I played around with a few blogs or two.

I guess meeting people is some I like to do. If I can help them on the way, that would be great.

There were a few downs too but you pick yourself up and learn from them.

There is going to be more new things learn tomorrow and hopefully I can pick them up soon.

I amazed my in-laws with where I can do “live” broadcast from my mobile phone or have the capability to upload the video almost immediately.

QIK Video of Family Dinner taken last night (QIK beats the need to transfer files between one machine and the Internet).

I think my son benefits the most with those open-source software. Imagine the father, taking photos, but also using Picnik and Picassa to make them look more presentable.

I wonder if I can ever squeeze five minutes of him growing up in a video for his wedding then.. OK.. I am thinking too far ahead now.


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