As most of our friends know, my wife and I got married in December 2007.

We made plans to go to Australia five months later.

That plan never worked out as I found out my wife was expecting a month later.

As first time parents, wife was concerned about herself and our child she was carrying.

Hence, we didn’t go for any honeymoon.

As my wife isn’t working now as she is waiting to apply for PR in Singapore, it is harder for us to spend on luxuries as the current uncertain times meant that we cut back on luxuries.

Nuffnang recently launched the “Come Walkabout in Australia and have an Unforgettable Adventure!” where you have to blog about the type of experience you would like to have and share the great offers on with 10 friends and stand a chance to go ‘Walkabout in Australia’ for two!

The contest website can be found here.

The Nuffnang contest website eventually led me to is a website from the Tourism Australia.

My wife never been to Australia but I have been to Sydney twice.

The first trip to Sydney was a junket to a press event while the second trip was for business training.

Of course, being a romantic and this being a possible honeymoon, I choose Sydney and the Sydney City Romance cruise if I do win the contest.

Both my wife and I enjoy the sea and seaside very much and cruising down the Sydney Harbour for an evening dinner cruise would make it a romantic experience for the both of us, especially for my wife.

During the day, I could bring her down town and shop all the way to the Sydney Opera House which is a view that you have to be there in person to appreciate the view.

I might extend the stay and give my wife a homestay experience near Bondhi Beach.

The last time I was there, I stayed in the house of an old couple and they treated me to a breakfast experience that still lingers on in my memory today.

After breakfast, it would be an adventure to Bondi beach.

My wife and I enjoy the seaside very much and a walk down Bondi would be a very romantic one for us.

This is possibly a short post against other entries, but as a blogger, I would definitely blog about the experience.

Wait a minute, how about Anson? I guess if we do win the contest, we would have to bring him along as my mom wouldn’t be used yet to talking care of Anson and my wife would be a worry-wart through the trip.

Will Anson spoil the romance? I don’t think so as he will be enjoying the sights as much as we will. Anson is growing into a very curious boy looking around especially if he sees himself in a new place.

Wish us luck!


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